Germany’s Spiraling Green Energy Catastrophe: “6 Million Jobs At Risk”…”A National Emergency”

Prof. of Chemistry and energy expert Fritz Vahrenholt interviewed Milena Preradovic in her Punkt.PRERADOVIC podcast.

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Currently Germany’s energy supply is crashing to pieces as costs skyrocket. Companies are closing and consumers are reeling from double digit inflation. Mass unrest threatens this winter. Those responsible for the mess are trying to blame Russia for all the woes.

But Fritz Vahrenholt makes it clear in the interview who is to blame: government incompetence.

Preradovic: “Is Putin’s war really to blame for Germany’s energy disaster?”

No, says chemist, politician, manager, author and energy expert Prof. Dr. Fritz Vahrenholt:

The failed transition to green energies is responsible.”

Vahrenholt warns:

If it continues like this, energy prices will never again fall to normal levels.”

Vahrenholt fears the decline of Germany as an industrial nation. The former environmental senator of Hamburg of the SPD socialists, calls for keeping nuclear power plants running and also getting back to coal.

There is already a technology for green coal, but nobody wants to know about it.”

In the interview, Vahrenholt also says the government could very well take steps to bring down the country’s spiraling energy costs, but it refuses to do so, and so Germany is quickly losing its competitiveness and businesses are throwing in the towel.

Vahrenholt said that the dirty secret behind green energies was reliance on Russian gas to meet demand whenever wind and sun failed to show up. That model was put into place with the support of almost every German political party over the past decades.

“Everyone knows that for every additional wind turbine needs back-up by a conventional energy source as long as there is no energy storage available,” says Vahrenholt, and reminds listeners that hydrogen currently is three to four times more expensive due to energy loss in the many conversion stages involved in using the energy. “We lose about 75% of the energy.” Not an option.

6 million jobs on the brink

On Germany’s rising electricity and gas prices, Vahrenholt issues a dire warming. “If we continue to push up electricity costs, then we are not going to be competitive any longer. We’re going to lose the raw materials industry if we continue on this path.”…”We are playing with 6 million jobs.”

“I fear, in any case, that the pressure will have to be much higher, the damage much greater, before there’s an awakening in Germany,” says Vahrenholt.”

Willful destruction

When asked if the destruction of the industry is willful, Vahrenholt says: “Yes, I believe this is being bought cheaply as acceptable. the loss of industry.” He adds, that it is unbelievable how Germany’s Minister of Economics, Robert Habeck (Green Party), is accepting the dire consequences of this misguided and destructive energy  policy. “Olaf Scholz has to bring his Economics Minister back in line!”

The spiraling energy costs situation is so dramatic that Vahrenholt calls it “a national emergency”.

15 responses to “Germany’s Spiraling Green Energy Catastrophe: “6 Million Jobs At Risk”…”A National Emergency””

  1. Chris Hanley

    “… the destruction of the industry is willful …”.
    It is bewildering how in two generations Germans have adopted an extreme form of eco-politics that threatens to reverse the post-war ‘Wirtschaftswunder’, Konrad Adenauer and Ludwig Erhard must be ‘spinning in their graves’.

  2. Richard Greene

    Stop the German anti-Russia economic sanction and Gazprom gas will flow. Nordstream 2 may no longer be needed but allow it to open. Pipeline gas is cheaper than LNG by ship which can only replace half the pipeline gas because of insufficient LNG unloading facilities. Germany started the trade war with Russia with sanctions. Russia (Putin) counterattacked.

    Gazprom wants to sell all the gas German companies will buy and German companies want all the cheaper Russian gas they can get, but the leaders are having a political war, hurting people and companies on both sides.

  3. RoHa

    That’s six million people to run on treadmills! Use a bit of ingenuity, and Germany is saved.

    1. voza0db

      They just need to scale-up the OLD tech!

      1. Yonason

        You do realize that gyms are amongst the first venue types to be closed during the lockdowns in response to fake pandemics?

        Talk about wind not blowing.

    2. Yonason

      @ RoHa

      A “Green jobs” bonanza.

  4. voza0db

    It seems they are just following the Great Reset master plan!

  5. Hello
  6. David Russell

    The War in Ukraine looks about over The Russians are getting creamed on the ground and politically (NATO is even stronger than before). Putin must be screaming for a way out.

    Once this war ends, presumably Russian/Ukrainian energy, food, and critical commodities will begin to flow again and everyone will be better off.

    Well, probably not the Ukrainians. The US and EU will cede to some Russian demands just to get a deal. We always screw up the end game.

    1. Michael Peinsipp

      OR…is Putin pulling his troops back to allow big boom boom mushrooms to light up the night???

  7. MGJ

    It could be a very long time before things change for the better. Every time Socialism fails, it is never due to failed policies. It is the counter-revolutionaries, the kulaks, the Capitalists, the greedy 1%, price-goudgers, foreigners, racists, …

    With such a stranglehold on (terrible) state education and contol of the media, I don’t see any improvement in the situation for a long time. I predict the adopted tactics will be to blame a series of out-of-favour groups while turning the dial ever higher to do more of the same.

  8. Svend Ferdinandsen

    Part of the electricity price is based in Nordpools way to set the price. The price is set by the price the producer of the last MW to balance the needed MW in this hour. Then all producers will get this price no matter what they bid.

    It worked well until resently, but is now out of control. A lot of producers are still cheap but now there are some that takes 500 to 700euro/MWh and they set the price if they are needed.

  9. Hello
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