Nature Geoscience: “Eastern Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet HAS GROWN Over Last 20 Years”

The German Klimaschau here presents a new video, this one featuring a new study on the Antarctic Ice Shelf published in Nature Geoscience:

Ice sheet “has grown”

According to a University of Cambridge press release dated May 13, 2022, “The eastern Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet has grown in area over the last 20 years, due to changing wind and sea ice patterns.”

The press release continues:

So what caused the ice shelves to advance? In the absence of atmosphere and ocean warming over the past 20 years, the dominant control was found to be a change in regional wind patterns over the Weddell Sea, which served to push sea ice against the ice shelves.

Between 1985 and 2002, in contrast, wind conditions in the same area caused sea ice to move away from the coast. By removing the buttressing effect of the sea ice and exposing the ice shelves to damaging ocean waves, stress on the ice shelves increased, ultimately leading to calving of icebergs.”

Note the press release seems to be stating there’s been no warming at this region.

The U. of Cambridge press release also adds that the advance is linked due to decade-scale [natural] changes in atmospheric circulation, which has led to more sea ice being carried to the coast by wind.

Co2- warming is not what is driving the ice activity on the eastern Antarctic Peninsula.

6 responses to “Nature Geoscience: “Eastern Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet HAS GROWN Over Last 20 Years””

  1. J N

    No, the last sentence is wrong. If a little ice disappears somewhere the emissions made by man are the culprit for sure. If new ice forms, there must be “anomalous” conditions of the atmosphere and ocean circulation to blame, for sure. The contrary is never possible… go figure.

  2. pochas94

    Ho – Hum. The flaming CO2 dragon is everywhere and nothing special happens. Maybe we should learn to deal with some real threats, like despotic psychopaths demonstrating their power.

  3. E. Schaffer

    The Antarctic ice is not melting, but that is no surprise, given the whole southern ocean is refusing to warm. Let us take GISTEMP for instance. In the data there you have 8 segments by latitude (90N-64N, 64N-44N, 44N-24N, 24-EQU, same for the SH). If you compare the first 20 years (1880-1899) vs. the last 20 years (2002-2021), that is the warming you get (in °C, from N to S).


    Apart from some noise, there is nothing happening beyond 44°S. You can even have this from Gavin Schmidt..

    “There are systematic differences in the Southern Ocean in recent decades between the observed and modeled SST trends.”

    The models don’t know why that is, but I do.

  4. RoHa

    Man Made Global Warming has made the ice sheet grow with WARM ICE, not real cold ice! And that means we’re doomed!

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