Bicyclist Dies After Emergency Rescue Vehicle Delayed By “Last Generation” Protesters

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Sad but true, the cyclist who ended up under a concrete truck and whose rescue was delayed by a traffic jam caused by the “Last Generation” is now brain dead [the cyclist in fact died after this posting]. This is reported by the Berliner Zeitung. The legal questions are likely to arise anew.

In the social media, supporters of the activists blame the danger to cyclists on trucks and the lack of rescue lanes. However, no car driver drives off with the firm intention of causing a traffic jam. The activists however don’t take this into consideration. It remains to be seen whether the “Last Generation” activists continue to carry out this endangerment to third parties. The bad PR, which their actions have already had to date, have been topped by the recent events once again.

What follows is a reader’s letter by Dipl. Ing. Martin Krohn:

Ref: Actions by Last Generation

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the post of November 2, 2022, it was reported about an action of the “Last Generation”, which has spread through the media in recent days. The activists had blocked a road by once again sticking themselves  to the asphalt. Nearby a serious accident took place: a woman on a bicycle ended up under a concrete truck and was trapped. A special rescue vehicle, which was on its way to the accident site to free the woman, got obstructed by the activists which posed a danger to the life of the woman or a greater risk for permanent damage.

Thus, these actions have once again crossed a line. The obstruction of rescue vehicles had probably already occurred several times, but not with this degree of explosiveness. And then still one activist issued a rallying cry with respect to the accident: “Climate fight, not climate cuddling” is insolence not to be surpassed.

I had seen several years ago, after a demonstration of Fridays for Future, a sign with the inscription ‘No tolerance for climate ignorance’. I wondered back then just how far this would go. Is the latest street blockade the answer? And will it cause the activists to pause and think? judging from the recent rallying cry, I rather don’t think so.

I have since heard that obstructing emergency vehicles is a criminal offense and can be punished with one year imprisonment. I think that’s ridiculous. The penalties should be much higher. What if the woman had died or suffered permanent damage. Can that be compensated with one year of imprisonment?

Many greetings,

Dipl. Ing. Martin Krohn

4 responses to “Bicyclist Dies After Emergency Rescue Vehicle Delayed By “Last Generation” Protesters”

  1. RoHa

    But they are saving the Earth, right?


    What about the people funding these groups? Why are they not held responsible?

    1. Jeff Todd

      I agree; can they not be sued? The activists are holding people hostage; that is an act of terrorism, irrespective of whether they are armed or not. Those who fund them are encouraging acts of terrorism.

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