High Profile German Physician: COVID Vaccines Dangerous “Genetic Modification Of Human Beings”

COVID vaccines “are killing people, they are injuring them. They’re causing huge long-term damage that is irreparable.” …”There’s no therapy, and every shot makes it worse!”

Image cropped from German Report24

In a new interview by German Report24, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, one of the very first critics of the COVID pandemic lockdowns and vaccines, commented on why so many doctors simply played along: de facto pharmaceutical and media corruption.

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg noted that vaccinations used to be a burden on the state and no money was made from them, but now they have become highly lucrative for the pharmaceutical companies, some of them having had to pay billions in fines for harming people in the past.

“We are rightly suspicious of the pharmaceutical supply,” Wodarg said.

Dr. Wodarg, a physician, also spent years as head of a public health department, a member of the German Bundestag and chairman of the Health Committee for Germany in the Council of Europe became very familiar with the art of lobbying. He knew something was very wrong already at the beginning of the pandemic, noting that the Corona pandemic worked so well because people had “learned from the previous fake pandemics and developed completely new, effective strategies”.

Wodarg blasts the media and journalists for eliminating criticism and playing on people’s fear. “This was massively stoked, especially with adjusted and doctored statistics.”

The retired physician also warns of a massive invasion of personal privacy by the state in the form of vaccine passports and testing, all made possible by the fear-laden Corona crisis.

“Dangerous genetic modification”

Dr. Wodarg says the Corona vaccination is not a classic vaccine, but rather describes it as “a genetic modification of human beings, which has no benefit, and instead causes us massive harm and which, in the worst case, is life-threatening.” He adds that anyone who continues to promote the pandemic – despite the obvious facts – is committing a criminal offense.”

“What we have already known for a long time, since clinical studies were planned, is that the stuff is dangerous, that it provides no benefit, that it is not necessary, says Wodarg on the COVOD vaccines. “They are killing people, they are injuring them. They’re causing huge long-term damage that is irreparable. There’s no therapy, and every shot makes it worse!”

Wodarg says that there’s plenty of information available to doctors and that there’s no longer any excuse for doctors not to know what’s really going on. He calls the continued, willful repeated vaccination: “malicious, and it needs to be punished.”

2 responses to “High Profile German Physician: COVID Vaccines Dangerous “Genetic Modification Of Human Beings””

  1. voza0db

    About this topic I’ll paste myself:

    Today [15Nov22] the Algo claimed that the herd of degenerate uman animals reached heads!

    After almost 3 years with a DEADLY PCR kit “pandemic” and the deployment of the miracle mRNA toxic spew jabs I can only declare that:

    I’m very sad and disappointed with the low level of deaths…

    At this rate He will never reach his goal!


    And off-topic!

    As Reuters reports citing four sources, German authorities have stepped up preparations for emergency cash deliveries in case of a blackout (or rather blackouts) to keep the economy running, as the nation braces for possible power cuts arising from the war in Ukraine. The plans include the Bundesbank hoarding extra billions to cope with a surge in demand, as well as “possible limits on withdrawals”, one of the people said. And if you think crypto investors are angry when they can’t access their digital tokens in a bankrupt exchange, just wait until you see a German whose cash has just been locked out.

    How about more German Billions for Ukraine?!

  2. Yonason

    In case you are reading this – Thank you, Dr. Wodarg!

    Ever since I heard about you from watching videos by J.J. Couey, PhD, whenever I see that you comment on what I’m viewing, I pay special attention. I just wish there were a lot more like you.

    Wishing you best success in all the good you are striving to accomplish.

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