New Study: COVID Vaccines ‘Profoundly Impair’ Protective Immunity, ‘Probably Enhance Disease Severity’

Recipients of repeated COVID-19 mRNA vaccinations may have fully damaged their immune system’s capacity to protect them from severe effects from the disease. Each successive booster shot may actually worsen protection.

Even though it has been determined that COVID-19 vaccinated young people aged 18-24 are 44 times (males) and 41 times (females) more likely to be afflicted with heart-damaging myocarditis than the unvaccinated in this same age group, many US universities nonetheless required students to receive booster shots as a condition of attendance in 2022-’23.

But now new mice research (Gao et al., 2022) provides damning evidence that continued COVID-19 booster vaccinations “negatively impact the immune response” and “fully impair the…neutralizing efficacy” of COVID-19 antibodies and memory.

Scientists warn that continuing the course of booster COVID-19 mRNA vaccinations may pose risks of “enhanced disease severity” for those re-infected with COVID-19 and thus the administration of boosters “should be preceded with caution.”

“Our findings revealed that repeated dosing after the establishment of vaccine response might not further improve the antigen-specific reactivity; instead, it could cause systematic tolerance and inability to generate effective humoral and cellular immune responses to current SARS-CoV-2 variants.”

In other words, health authorities have mandated young people get a shot that may fully impair their immune system’s capacity to protect them from the very variants the shots were intended to neutralize.

Image Source: Gao et al., 2022

10 responses to “New Study: COVID Vaccines ‘Profoundly Impair’ Protective Immunity, ‘Probably Enhance Disease Severity’”

  1. oebele bruinsma

    Genocide is staring in the face…

  2. mwhite

    “Could IgG4 response lead to a lack of immune response to C-19?”

  3. Michael Peinsipp


  4. david russell

    Another good reason not to go to college. Good thing I graduated before academe went off the rails.

  5. Kevin a
    The Truth About Viruses

    Do wish more people would watch this.

  6. Richard Greene

    Great article
    At first the fact that more vaccinated people were getting Covid infections than unvaccinated people seemed due to the vaccinated people abandoning social distancing. That was true among friends and could explain a small difference.

    But after each round of vaccines, the immune system seemed to decline even more.

    So that explanation was no longer enough.

    These are the worst vaccines in the history of vaccines. I know some conservatives don’t like to call them vaccines because they do not prevent infections. But vaccines never do. They create antibodies that fight infections after you get them, usually without you even knowing.

    Sometimes you can feel low energy for a few hours or under the weather for a day. But usually there are no obvious symptoms that a healthy immune system is fighting a bacterial or viral infection. So these ARE vaccines, and you can say anything else negative about them, as I have been doing for over two years, but don’t claim they are not vaccines please.

    I researched vaccines in 2020. Developing and testing a new vaccine in 9 months was insane. Typically takes 10 years, with a 98% failure rate. The wife and I decided in late 2020 there would be no vaccines for us. We warned friends but none of the leftists listened. The vaccine mandates were fascism. and dangerous too. The world went insane in 2020 and has not recovered.

    1. John Brown

      You write you gone. Now you back.
      Then you say vaccine create antibody.
      you no sick when have vaccine.

      these not vaccines, because still sick.

      maybe not create antibodies?

    2. watersider

      Richard – he is everwhere – Green, could you -please give this peasant a definition of a “vaccine”
      I stupidly thought it was where a virius was identified, analysed, reduced, and then injected into a human to generate resistance to a virus.
      Altering my genes does not sound like a vaccine to me.

  7. Gerry, England

    You can learn lots of new things due to Covid. New diseases that the vax has caused you had never heard of before – Guillam Barre Syndrome, myocarditis etc. But what should strike fear into the vaxxed and multi-boosted is OAS – Original Antigen Sin. This is where your antigens are focused on one variant and when another turns up they have no effect. This seems to me to sound a lot like leaky vaccines at work which can result in a variant that is 100% fatal.

  8. New Study: COVID Vaccines ‘Profoundly Impair’ Protective Immunity, ‘Probably Enhance Disease Severity’ - Climate-

    […] From NoTricksZone […]

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