Latest Mean Annual Temperature Data Show Tokyo Has Been Cooling For Decades!

Hachijō-jima island hasn’t seen any climate change in decades!

Charts by Kirye

The mean temperature data for December, 2022, for the city of Tokyo, Japan and its Hachijō-jima island in the Pacific are now available from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA).

These data now allow us to look at the newest annual mean temperature trends for the two locations.

First we look at latest annual mean temperature plots for Tokyo since 1994:

Data: JMA.

According to the alarmists, the increase in CO2 is supposed to be heating up the entire planet. Strangely, using data from the JMA, Tokyo has in fact cooled modestly since 1994 – despite the urban heat sink effect from all the concrete, asphalt, steel and waste heat.

Also the December linear mean temperature trend for Tokyo has fallen more than 1°C since 1989:

Data: JMA.

Hachijō-jima sees decades of no climate change

Moving offshore to the Tokyo island of Hachijō-jima, away from all the massive urban heat island affects, we look at the newest mean annual temperature data going back to 1975.

Data: JMA.

Here we see there’s been no warming. Where’s the climate crisis? Only in the media, of course.

Next we look at the mean temperature trend for the month of December for Hachijō-jima, going back a full century:

Data: JMA.

Boy, that’s some really impressive climate change, aint it? I makes us wonder on what planet the alarmists are really living on. Where’s the crisis?

7 responses to “Latest Mean Annual Temperature Data Show Tokyo Has Been Cooling For Decades!”

  1. John Hultquist

    The World’s societies have lots of problems.
    Carbon-based fuel and Climate Change™ are not issues.

    Somehow the CO2 – CC™ idea became an axiom of many elites and teachers, and then students. This is the problem.
    Those of the Climate Change Cult may, or may not, realize their mistake.
    Graphs, such as these for Japan, might help if people looked at them fairly. As yet, few do.
    Thanks for continuing to make them available.

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  4. Dodgy Geezer

    The UHI has been, and is, the only thing being measured by ground stations.

    Tokyo has been a major modern city for many decades. Its UHI has been stable for that long. What is being measured here is the gradual improvement in efficiency of air conditioning and building insulation, leading to modest cooling…

  5. Scissor

    Given the data’s noise, the trend is insignificant.

  6. Peter

    And me was thinking that Japan was warming three times as fast as the rest of the world

    Just like all other parts of the world are warming faster than the rest of the world

  7. jacqueshenry

    My younger son is living in Tokyo away from the city center in a residential area. He has a small garden with faucets for watering the flowers and the lawn. He fears the tubing may be damaged by the sub-zéro temperatures at the moment. Each winter has been snowy for the last five years in this suburb of Tokyo besides the fact that this city is located near the ocean at the same latitude as Algiers. To speak about climate warming is just a non sens !
    From Papeete, French Polynesia

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