1969 Cold Record Broken In China -53°C…Snow In The Mediterranean…Japan Hard Hit

1960s winter conditions hit across the globe

Unusually harsh winter conditions pepper the globe. Symbol image generated by dall e2, Open AI

As usual, parts of the globe have experienced warmer than normal temperatures this winter, like Central Europe, while others have seen colder conditions. It’s all natural. As a whole, the globe is seeing a deviation that’s measured in the low tenths of a degree, i,e. little “climate change” when viewed in the context of the Holocene period.

Recent extreme cold events

Just days ago, German online COMPACT here reported on some notable recent extreme cold events, and of course climate activists claim “Cold is the New Hot” – an article appearing in this issue of COMPACT.

1969 cold record broken in China

First, COMPACT reports that the People’s Republic of China has just recorded a new temperature negative record: minus 53 degrees C, reached in Mohe, the country’s northernmost city located on the border with Russia. China’s previous temperature negative record, set in 1969 at minus 52.3 degrees, was thus broken.

Moreover, “It has already been significantly colder in Siberia than the long-term average since the fall of 2022,” writes COMPACT  and temperatures in Mohe “have never been so extreme as they are at present.”

Snow deep in the Mediterranean

Moving on to the Spanish Mediterranean island of Mallorca, COMPACT reports that at the Puig Major, the highest mountain in the country at 1,445 meters, there now is up to one meter of snow in places. Also snowfall was even reported in Sicily, and in the Algerian coastal city of Annaba for the first time in 15 years.

70,000 animals freeze to death

Moreover, “freezing cold and snowstorms” have wreaked havoc in Japan and: “The situation is currently particularly bad in Afghanistan. The extreme cold of up to minus 34 degrees has claimed at least 120 lives here. In addition, 70,000 farm animals are said to have died as a result of the cold.”

Alps to be buried

Today Kachelmann Weather here warns that some locations in the Alps could see more than 1 meter of snow over the coming days.

3 responses to “1969 Cold Record Broken In China -53°C…Snow In The Mediterranean…Japan Hard Hit”

  1. RoHa

    All caused by Man Made Global Warming.

    Sorry, I mean it’s all caused by Man Made Climate Change/Weirding/[………]

  2. Alex

    Because you see? When the Earth warms up it gets colder. it’s the New Science created by the New World Order. They now have launched a new phrase: Global Polycrisis

  3. Peter

    where is global warming when you need it?

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