EU Puts Continent On Fast Track To Zero… New Fossil Fuel Cars To Be Banned By 2035!

Europe needs to call the economic suicide hotline…

The EU’s increasingly centrally-planned society has taken another huge leap forward, as it bans fossil fuel mobility. 

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Beginning in 2025, it will no longer be possible to register new fossil fuel vehicles in the EU. They will be completely banned.

This is what the European Union decided after MEPs approved its new draconian car-emissions measure on February 14. Though used diesel and gasoline engine vehicles will not be affected, they will end up being phased out as they reach their end of life.

EU’s fast track to zero

Car manufacturers, a major engine of the European economy, will have to gradually reduce the total CO₂ emissions of all the passenger cars they sell within a year. By 2035, CO₂ emissions from newly registered passenger cars will have to be zero.

Proponents argue that it provides European automakers a clear timeframe to switch production over to electric vehicles and will ultimately force them to become more completive internationally. It’s for their own good, Europe believes.  The European Union’s aims to be “climate neutral” by 2050. Greens are calling it a victory for the planet.

Millions of jobs at risk

Critics, however, claim nobody is ready for such a draconian end to internal combustion engine vehicles and that the measure will put millions of jobs at risk. In Germany alone some 600,000 people work on gasoline and diesel engine car production. And approximately 20% of all German jobs are at least partly dependent on the automotive industry.

Also, both the European and German power grids are far from ready for the massive extra load. A fully electric transportation sector likely will not be possible without severe rationing and charging restrictions.

Experts also warn cars will become a luxury good affordable only for the rich and that overall mobility for regular citizens will be massively limited.

The center-right European People’s Party (EPP) warned of the “Havana effect”, where Europeans will be forced to drive vintage fossil fuel-burning cars after new sales are banned – because they won’t be able afford electric cars.

Another dream to be smashed by reality?

So what are the chances this new EU draconian policy will actually work in practice in the future? To get some hints, one only needs to look at Europe’s overall green movement and progress so far. It’s not pretty:

  • Skyrocketing heating bills, fuel shortages
  • Already unstable power grids, supply
  • Food shortages and inflation
  • Disrupted supply chains
  • Double digit inflation on many goods
  • Mass censorship (to keep debacles hidden)
  • Deindustrialization and prosperity loss

Already, due to its power grid instability, the German government has been forced to extend the operating time of 3 nuclear power plants that had been planned to be taken off line December 31st, 2022. Policy reversals are unavoidable whenever pie-in-the-sky ideologies clash with realty.

Violent clash with reality

Europe’s dream of a “clean”, zero-emissions electric mobility also will lose in the collision with reality. Too many major drawbacks have been dismissed or outrightly denied by Europe’s green central planners. Thus the chances of a major back-to-reality energy policy reversal are almost certain in the future.

There isn’t going to be any soft landing for this reckless blind leap by the EU.

25 responses to “EU Puts Continent On Fast Track To Zero… New Fossil Fuel Cars To Be Banned By 2035!”

  1. Amos E. Stone

    2035? We can reach net zero in half an hour. Turn everything off and hold your breath folks, because you breathe out the evil gas! Keep holding it in…

    25 minutes to go…

    20 minutes to go, no cheating now…

    15 minutes to go…

    Hello? Anyone there?

    “Critics, however, claim nobody is ready for such a draconian end…”

  2. voza0db

    The european herds of modern moron slaves ONLY get what WE DESERVE!

  3. Graeme No.3

    Time to update the old saying to “Those whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make their politicians mad”.

  4. Sommer

    Is this decision directly linked to IMF loans?

  5. johnd2008

    Just one small point. What will happen to F1 Motor Racing when the ban comes in? Mo re lucrative jobs lost to overseas competitors and all the cutting edge designs and Designers go too.
    Just how more stupid can the politicians get before the uprisings begin?

    1. spike55

      “Just how more stupid can the politicians”

      These are the UN-ELECTED bureaucrats making these moronic decisions, isn’t it.

      Really is time that someone told these arrogant prats where to stick their edicts !!

    2. Al D

      Hydrogen is the racing fuel of the future, not batteries. Batteries weigh a vehicle down too much and pit stops to recharge them would last a good half hour.

      1. pochas94

        If you can get past the naysayers:

        It explodes! Very difficult to make hydrogen explode because it diffuses away rapidly once it is released. Enter the Hindenberg, which did not explode. It was a deflagration. Hydrogen is probably overall safer than natural gas, which can blow up your basement, or gasoline, which burns nicely in an auto accident.

        It’s awfully inefficient!
        Add up those inefficiencies and you get power to the road about equal to the average passenger car.

  6. MGJ

    I can almost hear the excuses now:

    “We did the best we could with the knowledge available…”
    “The experts told us…”
    “We just wanted to help people and save them from disaster…”
    “It would have been even worse if we hadn’t acted decisively…”.

    Where have we heard all that before?

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  8. Senex

    It’s perfectly realistic– as long as automobile ownership is limited to the top 5% income earners and everyone else is encouraged to use “active transport”.

    1. Vanessa Crichton

      Not unless you KILL EVERY HUMAN BEING ON THE PLANET and probably every dog, cat, lion, giraffe, etc. etc. WE ALL EXHALE CARBON DIOXIDE EVERY SECOND WE ARE ALIVE! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THAT ??????????????????????????

  9. drumphish

    General Custer fell into a trap when he attacked Crazy Horse and the rest of the savages at The Battle of the Little Bighorn. George wasn’t expecting such a violent greeting, but it did happen.

    Governments would be wise to heed to the lessons of history. Helps a lot.

    Even if you have the money to buy an automobile, you will be prevented by fiduciary arrangement to not be able to buy an automobile.

    Your existence is being reduced to survival mode, much like a prisoner in a prison, that is where this is all going.

    You want a nice car? Well, you can’t have one.

    You want a good home? No, you can’t have one.

    You want decent clothes? What do you want those for? Can’t have them.

    You want to eat good food? Ridiculous, eat bugs and be happy you have nothing.

    You are being watched and surveillance is what the brainless dough heads prefer.

    1. Al D

      Prepare to live like the Amish. The burning of wood will not be allowed and bicycles will be used instead of horses because bicycles don’t poop and don’t eat hay, which will be needed to feed starving humans.

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  11. JohnM

    In the 1780s life was hard for ‘the little people’ in France. but the rich had plenty. You know what happened. After a few years the Old Rich lost their heads, the new rich had the money and the little people had nothing.

    The big question is, “Were the little people happy?”.

  12. Mike Gilding

    Wait a minute. EVs run largely on Fossil Fuels (what else can you recharge them with?). Are they to be banned? Great idea.

    PS – It there a word for humans when ‘mentally deranged’ seems totally inadequate?

  13. John
  14. Al D

    The EV fanboys are in for a rude awakening when enough people realize that in order to make more than 50% of all future new vehicles EVs, the planet would have to be turned into a toxic wasteland. The mining and refining of lithium, nickel, graphite, cobalt, and rare earth metals are all very toxic. There is no way the production of 100 million light and 20 million heavy EVs every single year will be allowed. That is the expected annual worldwide demand for new vehicles by 2030. It won’t be long before natural gas, hydrogen, and possibly eFuels are seen as necessary to help clean up the air without destroying what lies beneath it.

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  16. oebele bruinsma

    “So what are the chances this new EU draconian policy will actually work in practice in the future? ”
    Envision just charging 240 million e-cars in the EU; what more is there to say?

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  19. Gerald the Mole

    How will the working man get to work?

    1. Yonason

      Two more questions…

      What “working man?”

      What “work?”

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