Warming Globe? Then Why Haven’t Winters In Tokyo Been Warming Since the 1980s?

Japan is still waiting for warmer winters…

Charts by Kirye

The December 1 to February 28 so-called meteorological winter has just ended and the latest data for the mean winter temperature are available for Tokyo and its island Hachijō-jima.

Tokyo winters have been cooling since 1984

With all the news about global warming, surely the decades long winter-trend for the city of Tokyo must be one of strong warming. Yet, looking at the mean DJF winter temperature trend for Tokyo going back 39 years using the untampered data from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), we see a trend that has to surprise the global warming bedwetting dolts:

Data source: JMA

As the chart shows, instead of warming, winters in Tokyo have been cooling (modestly) since the global warming scare began in the 1980s. The average of the last 10 years have definitely been colder than the two preceding ten-year periods. Citizens in Tokyo who have been hearing warming doom for decades have in fact not experienced it. Where’s the warming?

Rural Pacific island Hachijō-jima: no warming in75 years!

Next we look at the mean winter temperature trend of the Tokyo island of Hachijō-jima, located in the Pacific some 287 kilometers south of Tokyo – away from all the heat absorbing urban sprawl of concrete and asphalt we see in cities like Tokyo:

Data source: JMA

Winter mean temperatures on this Pacific island haven’t risen in over 75 years, this according to the meticulously collected data from the JMA. We suspect the news is also similar at other locations across the northern hemisphere where the data have not been tampered with.

8 responses to “Warming Globe? Then Why Haven’t Winters In Tokyo Been Warming Since the 1980s?”

  1. voza0db

    Wait till they figure out we are heading into a COLD one!

    1. Michael Peinsipp

      I wonder…who named it the Eddy Minimum?

      1. John Hultquist

        Suggested by Leif Svalgaard, I believe.

  2. Dodgy Geezer

    Could the reason be that the Japanese Meterological Office don’t fiddle their stats?

    1. Al D

      It is, but so many mindless minions are brainwashed by climate change frauds, they believe Japan is lying.

  3. Ben Vorlich

    The average has to be brought down so that the MSM can publish this and have panic stricken reporters fly there producing CO2 to report on it

    Svalbard: The remote Arctic island warming seven times faster than the global average


  4. Warming Globe? Then Why Haven’t Winters In Tokyo Been Warming Since the 1980s? - Climate- Science.press

    […] From NoTricksZone […]

  5. Al D

    I keep telling people on numerous forums that CO2 is a false villain. Unfortunately, very few people have a physics education.

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