“Climate Friendly” Heating Systems: German Gov Plans 50,000 Euro Fines For Non Compliance!

Proposed law: Germans who do not change over to “climate friendly” heating systems will face hostile fines. 

As we reported here, German Economics Minister Robert Habeck plans to ban gas and oil heating systems in favor of climate-friendly heating systems. as early as 2024.

Image: Bundesamt für Statitik

All gas and oil heating systems will need to be replaced after 30 years of operation, with no possibility to repair and keep them going.

The government plans to clamp down severely on owners who choose to violate the proposed regulations.

50,000 euro fine for non-compliance

“Those who fail to comply with the replacement obligation are to pay a fine of up to 50,000 euros.” reports Blackout News here. “Plans to ban gas and oil heating systems from 2024 have taken many Germans by surprise. If a heating system has to be replaced in the coming year – whether due to a defect in the old gas or oil heating system or due to a new building – a climate-friendly alternative must be installed. These include heat pumps, fuel cells or pellet heating systems, for example.”

“The measures are intended to serve as a deterrent and ensure that defective systems are actually replaced with more climate-friendly options,” Blackout News adds.

Fierce opposition…dead on arrival?

The plans drafted by Habeck and the German government, however, have run up against fierce opposition since they become known. Opposition parties have sharply criticized the plans, and others within the government view the proposed measures as a problem.

Already Germans are reeling from exorbitantly high energy prices and many can no longer afford to heat their homes and keep the lights on as inflation erodes earnings. Being forced to install expensive “climate friendly” heating systems will only massively add to the burden and so the plans are already unpopular.

It’s highly doubtful the government will be able to find a majority to enact the plans into law, unless, that is, the aim is to put the far right parties into power.

12 responses to ““Climate Friendly” Heating Systems: German Gov Plans 50,000 Euro Fines For Non Compliance!”

  1. Cris Neagu

    It is beyond doubt at this point that the German government is trying to destroy Germany. There is absolutely no argument anyone can make to the contrary.

  2. Adam Gallon

    Are they insane?

  3. John Hultquist

    Makes me wonder if Germany has an April Fools Day.

  4. Graeme No.3

    These pellet fires, are the pellets wood? Has the EU banned the import of Russian wood?

    1. Graeme No.3

      I see that they have banned Russian wood.
      327,000 tons p.a. (from all sources) will take a lot of replacing. Like oil and gas, will it be sourced from intermediate countries making money?

      Reminds me of the old missionary joke.
      Priest was aghast at John (new convert) cooking a steak on Friday.
      John explained “When you converted me, you spinkled me with water and said that my name would now be John”
      “So I sprinkled water on the meat and said that it was now called fish”.

    2. toorightmate

      Russian wood is full of CO2.
      Non-Russian wood is almost free of Carbon.

  5. voza0db

    Just KEEP VOTING for scoundrels and terrorists… And all will be fine!

  6. voza0db

    Talking about germans…


  7. Luigi

    Keeping a 30-year-old heating in service is very anti economic for the owner. We have changed it after 15 years.

  8. Senex

    This explains yesterday’s article about Habeck’s claims that the Energiwende would lead to an economic miracle for Germany. Not just the economic activity from all of the heating system replacements but the flood of money into the treasury from the millions of non-compliant households at 50 000 euros each.

  9. John Hultquist

    Will entire households go to jail if they don’t have 50,000 Euros?

  10. Rehoboth

    Awesome post

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