Survey: 36.6% Of German 18 To 29 Year-Olds Experienced Severe COVID Vaccine Side Effects

Moreover, 45 percent of 30 to 39-year-olds had experienced severe side effects, German INSA survey of 1700 people found. 192 million shots have been administered in Germany so far.

Julian Reichholt’s Pleiteticker here reports on a new German survey that found 1/3 of all youth have had a serious vaccine adverse affects and that “young people in particular frequently report having severe vaccination side effects.”

Once claimed to be 99% effective and practically free of side effects, data and studies are now showing quite the opposite. The mRNA vaccines are in fact unsafe and ineffective in preventing the transmission of the COVID virus. Yet, authroities refuse to follow the science and to withdraw the controversial medicine.

52% if Germans suffered side effects

According to an INSA survey with 1,700 participants “more than 52 percent of respondents said they had suffered side effects. More than 23 percent even reported having suffered severe side effects.”

So far about 192.2 million vaccine doses have been administered in Germany

Young hit hardest 

“According to the survey, in particular young people under the age of 40 frequently suffered from vaccination side effects. According to the survey, 36.6 percent of 18 to 29-year-olds and 45 percent of 30 to 39-year-olds had experienced severe side effects from vaccinations, reports Pleiteticker.  “With increasing age, the proportion of vaccination side effects decreases drastically. In people over 70, not even 30 percent had mild or severe side effects.”


Strangely the rate of side effects depended somewhat on religion, 79.8 percent of Muslim respondents reported being affected by side effects of the Corona vaccine, while only 55.2% of Catholics and 51.7% of Protestant Christians reported side effects.

1,700 people were interviewed between March 10 and 13, 84.9 percent said they had been vaccinated at least once against the Corona virus.

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29 responses to “Survey: 36.629 Of German 18 To 29 Year-Olds Experienced Severe COVID Vaccine Side Effects”

  1. Kevin a

    Massage to Peter McCullough and other virus believers, from Tom Cowan

    We cannot find a “Complete” virus in the human body?

  2. Gerald the Mole

    Rather than religion I suspect that it is a measure of ethnic group. I understand that people from a middle eastern back ground living in the UK figured more highly in the COVID mortality numbers that those from a European background.

  3. AC Osborn

    Gerald, I agree, it is very odd how that statistic has been brushed under the carpet and no longer discussed, wihout a plausable reason.
    Most people assumed it to be related to higher Vitamin D deficiency.

    1. Adam Gallon

      People from Middle Eastern & the Indian sun-continent tend to live in multi-generational households.
      Unlike us, they don’t pack granny off to a “Care Home” when she gets a bit leaky.
      Add in poor command of English amongst the elderly & women & you can forget social distancing.
      Ideal conditions for spreading a contagious, respiratory virus.
      Maybe low Vitamin D levels contribute too.

  4. Richard Greene

    The high rates of “severe” and “serious” side effects are very hard to believe

    I rejected this article for my recommended reading list on my blog because these percentages are in another league from the US experience.

    I want a specific definition of “severe” and “serious” because if it is in the original article, I can’t read German.

    To get these high percentages, I have to assume having a sore arm for a day is considered a “severe” vaccine injury

    1. John Brown

      I I I

      And you promised to be gone!
      Who are you anyway?

      1. Richard Greene

        Obviously a troublemaker.
        Thanks for the non-response to my question

        1. John Brown

          The question was a self centered one. Why would anybody answer it?

          You reject, you ask, why you not answer?

  5. AC Osborn

    Kevin, is Tom Cowan and by inference yourself suggesting that all the Viroligists in the world are lying?
    That they have not actually identified the original, the Alpha, the Delta and the Omicron variants of the Virus?

    1. Kevin a
      The Truth About Viruses
      Watch the video.

    2. Kevin a

      Are you saying religion is right because a lot of people blindly follow?
      The video is very good shows there is no calibration solution for virology.
      NO test to find a complete virus in the human body.

  6. mwhite

    “Midazolam Murders”

    “When a Common Sedative Becomes an Execution Drug””

    End of life treatment given to covid patients. Happened in other places, Sweden springs to mind.

    1. Kevin a

      Great link, No virus just Midazolam

  7. voza0db

    Have FUN hearing your “health” minister…

  8. Kevin a
  9. drumphish

    Everybody makes mistakes, can’t be denied.

    Just stop administering the Covid-19 vaccine, doesn’t work all that well. Has caused plenty of harm, so time to stop. No other choice, really.

    Difficult to admit the harm the vaccine has done. Becomes an admission of bad decisions, everything goes wrong. Has happened in the past.

    “In April 1955 more than 200 000 children in five Western and mid-Western USA states received a polio vaccine in which the process of inactivating the live virus proved to be defective. Within days there were reports of paralysis and within a month the first mass vaccination programme against polio had to be abandoned. Subsequent investigations revealed that the vaccine, manufactured by the California-based family firm of Cutter Laboratories, had caused 40 000 cases of polio, leaving 200 children with varying degrees of paralysis and killing 10.”,polio%20had%20to%20be%20abandoned.

    Cutter is still in business. Insect repellent products are marketed by Cutter.

  10. Kevin a

    1. Adam Gallon

      Let’s treat that as complete bollocks.
      No need to even click on the link.

    2. Richard Greene

      Mike Adams is a dingbat
      An author of smarmy fear porn
      Never made a correct prediction in his life.

      1. Kevin a

        Great video that you did not watch but are an expert on, how can you comment? Just Troll behaviour.
        And WE wonder why most of Germany is now ill.
        We have no test to find complete viruses in the human body. No calibration solution of any of the variants? Wow!

        1. Richard Greene

          Mike Adama has the lowest credibility of any author whose articles I have read, and I read about 48 short articles every day of the year — over 17,000 a year.

          I recommend many articles on Covid vaccines on my blog — hundreds in the past few years — and not one has ever said anything good about the vaccines. But 36.6% of relatively young people getting severe adverse side effects is extremely hard to believe.

          Consider the mainly US VAERS database.
          The numbers suggest 10% to 15% of people of all ages have serious side effects. That percentage of the serious side effects is probably higher than reality because people with mild side effects are less likely to make a VAERS report. Why bother? Ofcourse older people have more serious side effects from vaccine spike proteins, just as older people have more problems with natural spike proteins.

          So the claim of young people having so many “severe” adverse reaction to a Covid vaccine, unless “severe” is a misinterpretation of the data, in my opinion is exaggerated (false).

          There are six articles on one of my recommended reading lists today about Covid vaccines that might interest you.

          Being strongly anti-Covid vaccine, however, doesn’t mean I have to accept unbelievable claims about the dangers. Reality is that Covid vaccines are the most dangerous vaccine in vaccine history, and I wouldn’t touch a Covid vaccine with a ten foot pole.

          See articles: #23, 24, 25, 27, 28, 35 (and 29 is on influenza vaccines)

          1. Kevin a

            The Truth About Viruses
            We cannot find a complete virus in the human body , why is that?
            Do watch the video before making silly reply’s.

    3. Richard Greene

      Mike Adams has never made a correct prediction

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  12. Kevin a

    Australian Government Department of Health has no record of a “COVID-19 virus” isolated/purified from any human on the planet

  13. Kevin a

  14. Gates Behind The Bars – Newsfeed Hasslefree Allsort

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  15. Kevin a
    Thanks to Zuckerberg and Gates: Your Meat, Vegetables, and Pets are Being ‘Injected with mRNA’

    Think you are eating “organic”?! Think again – your meat, vegetables, etc have likely been targeted!

  16. Rehoboth

    Excellent post

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