German Professor Warns Of Country’s Pending “Heat Pump Disaster”…”Saves No CO2″…Painful Costs

Germany’s proposed heating policies will lead to a disaster, experts warn. 45 billion euros will get ZERO CO2 savings!

Prof. Gerd Ganteför. Image cropped here.

Oil and gas heating to be eliminated, starting next year

At first, Germans had the impression that the worst had been averted as far as the planned intervention of the Greens on how citizens are to heat their homes beginning next year. Now it turns out nothing has changed when it comes to oil and gas heating systems in Germany.

German homeowners will be forced to quickly switch over from gas and oil heating over to heat pumps. “It remains the same: from January 1st, 2024, it will no longer be possible to install new oil and gas heating systems.”

45 billion euros – for nothing!

Citing a video by Prof. Ganteför, energy expert Professor Fritz Vahrenholt notes the folly of switching over to heat pumps. They too consume electricity that is still largely generated by fossil fuels power plants, thus they will not save any CO2 at all. Moreover, estimates show the heating system switchover will lead to an additional cost burden for citizens of 45 billion euros over the next five years.

Vahrenholt comments, “this technology should not be imposed on the citizens with the argument that it would contribute to CO2 reduction in the foreseeable future.”

Vahrenholt also sees no cost savings at all being derived from heat pumps, especially as the government moves to create power production shortages: “From where the German government derives a future cost advantage remains a mystery, since it is pursuing a policy of electricity shortage.”

Last 3 nuclear plants will be taken offline on April 15th

“After the nuclear power plants are shut down in April 2023, another 10,000 MW of coal-fired power plants are to be taken off the grid in April 2024. In my book ‘Die große Energiekrise‘ (The Great Energy Crisis) I showed that the expansion of wind and solar power in winter will not help us in the event of a blackout,” writes Vahrenholt.

According to Vahrenholt, 277 TWh of natural gas are used in German households for heat generation (2022), but that is to be eliminated as “the federal government plans a major expansion of gas imports on the same scale”.

Hydrogen also is currently 4 times as expensive as natural gas, notes Vahrenholt, so it is also not an option like German Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Green Party) likes to claim it is.

Overall, Vahrenholt warns that Germany is headed for a “heat pump disaster”.

Starting 2024, no new gas and oil heating system installation will be allowed. If your old existing one breaks down, you won’t be allowed to replace it, and thus be forced to install an approved system, like a heat pump. But because there will be a huge artificially generated demand for a heat pump system, delivery times will be very long as will the waiting time for installation.

Clearly the current government’s energy policy proposal risks leading to a real collapse of German civil society, should it be made a law. What would happen after that is open to speculation. Only history can provide clues on what’s possible. Luckily, democratic elections are held regularly and citizens will have the opportunity to make radical course corrections. That’s the optimistic outlook.

6 responses to “German Professor Warns Of Country’s Pending “Heat Pump Disaster”…”Saves No CO2″…Painful Costs”

  1. Gerry, England

    ‘Luckily, democratic elections are held regularly and citizens will have the opportunity to make radical course corrections.’

    Yes, they are but when the candidates all say the same thing they are no longer democratic since the is no power for the people.

  2. Why are they doing so?

    You made so many proofs that government purposely drives country to the disaster. Maybe we should stop crying and ask what are they trying to cover with these lies.

  3. Ozonebust

    Germany in self inflicted destruction mode again, guided by moronic idealistic low IQ leaders. However this time they are not alone, but still leading the pack.

    At what point do the people of this and other countries say enough is enough, and get up off their arses and tell the political scumbags to f off.

  4. voza0db

    That will be FUN to watch… After OPERATION COVIDIUS I only expect more and more of these FUN FAKE GREEN LAWS/ORDERS to be deployed in order to CHANGE the Planet of The Owner and their Billionaire Friends.

    Enjoy fellow modern moron slaves while you can!

    I also see that my fellow MMS still “thing” that by “voting” they can CHANGE the course of the current entertainment… Just sad to see how so many still believe they slave in a “democracy”.

  5. Charles Wardrop

    The useless insanity of net zero policies is compounded enormously by the exoneratdion of CO2 as the main “villain” responsible for any climate changes (see Lightfoot and Ratzer, 2021,2,3).

    The Sun’s predominant control of Earth’s climate is mediated through its effects on water vapour and clouds,cosmic rays and myriad oher nnatural,ill understood and undquantified variables.
    Changing solar activity has a vital ivmpact.(Prof V.Zharkova).
    The sun is now entering Grand Minimum, currently starting to cool
    the planet.

    As monitored by satellite, temperature has been virtuallystatic for the last decade or more.

    . V,

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