Leading German Politician Warns Proposed Climate Policies Could Lead To “Uprisings” And “Riots”

A leading German politician views proposed climate policies as a danger to the country’s civil stability and democracy.

Germany ignores the lessons of history. Image: French Revolution

“Ecological madness”…”ruinous retrofittings”

The mood in Germany has become outright ugly as citizens reel from high inflation and fear government policy initiatives that would bankrupt many if enacted. Business sentiment among small to medium companies is souring rapidly.

Among these initiatives is the current green-socialist government’s plan to force citizens and businesses to wean themselves off oil and gas heating beginning already next year. All the despair now risks morphing into anger and civil unrest, warns one opposition leader.

Uprisings among the poplulation

According to the new, rapidly emerging Austrian alternative media news site AUF 1, Saxony’s Minister President Michael Kretschmer of the CDU Christian Democrats warns of potential unrest and vehemently criticized the government’s current climate policy.

Saxony’s Kretschmer even explicitly warned of “uprisings among the population” and that “the government’s new plans would lead to ‘deindustrialisation and riots’,” AUF 1 reports. “His criticism was aimed above all at the Building Energy Act pushed by the Green Minister of Economics, Robert Habeck.”

Currently Habeck is sharply under attack for cronyism as his ministry funnels funds and influential positions to friends and family, many of whom are professionally unqualified for the positions.

“Ecological madness”

AUF 1 reminds that the proposed government ‘s green policies “will force ruinous retrofitting on millions of homeowners.” and that many citizens would simply not be able to afford the required renovation of their house or apartments. Homeowners would face renovation costs of at least tens of thousands of euros.”

Kretschmer called the Greens’ policy “ecological madness”.

The Austrian AUF 1 calls the governments policies “completely misguided” and that they will lead to “massive relocations of companies away from Germany.”

6 responses to “Leading German Politician Warns Proposed Climate Policies Could Lead To “Uprisings” And “Riots””

  1. posa

    Germany could use a dose of riots and uprisings… better yet the majority could vote for political parties and candidates that oppose Green Eco-Fascism…

    I’ll believe it when I see it. An 80% plurality of Germans still support Green New Dark ages policies.

    A Russian victory will serve as a catalyst to a major attitude change in Germany.

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