German Scientist Fritz Vahrenholt Attributes Part Of Modern Warming To “The Decrease In Clouds”

A number of scientists don’t agree that the global warming seen since 1860 is solely attributed to man-made CO2. Other factors such as solar cycles, cloud cover and oceanic cycles are also significant climate drivers, many have argued.

From Klimanachrichten here:


Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt believes natural factors also playing role in warming, and not only CO2. Image: GWPF

Fritz Vahrenholt was interviewed by TE and asked about ARD German public television program Reschkefernsehen.

“Dear Mr. Vahrenholt, in her program Reschkefernsehen, journalist Anja Reschke recently accused you of being a ‘climate denier’ because of your affiliation with the Economic Council of the CDU party, which she located in the service of the fossil fuel lobby, and that you were ‘questioning the competence of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change without evidence’. What do you have to counter these claims?

Fritz Vahrenholt: Firstly, I do not question that it has become warmer. Nor am I questioning the fact that CO2 is a climate gas and can absorb and emit heat radiation. It therefore contributes to global warming. However, opinions differ as to how much this contribution is.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change claims that all warming since 1860 is man-made. However, some scientists question this 100% thesis, especially since there have also been natural climate fluctuations in the past. Because 1860 is very questionable as a starting point for this temperature development. It was one of the coldest periods, because it was the end of the Little Ice Age, which ended in the middle of the 19th century. If you take the average temperature of the last 2000 years, it is 0.5 degrees higher than 1860 and roughly corresponds to 1950. So my position is that some of the warming we have seen may also be natural in origin.

There are natural cycles in the climate and I have pointed out in several scientific publications that in the last 20 years in particular, a large part of the warming is also due to the decrease in clouds, that is, due to the interaction of the sun, clouds and the earth. This is also undisputed, but is not taken note of, at least not by Ms Reschke.”


2 responses to “German Scientist Fritz Vahrenholt Attributes Part Of Modern Warming To “The Decrease In Clouds””

  1. John Hultquist

    If it is warmer there is supposed to be more H2O in the atmosphere.
    That should generate more cloud cover, not less.
    More work to do.

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