Germany’s Leading Fitness Influencer Dies Suddenly At Age 30…4-Times COVID “Vaccinated”

Substance abuse…

The long-term shadow cast by the COVID mRNA vaccines may be worrisome.

German fitness guru and bodybuilding influencer Jo Lindner has died, this coming just weeks after admitting in a Bradley Martyn Raw Talk podcast he had been injected FOUR times with the COVID mRNA “vaccine”.

In the podcast, Lindner expresses how he accepted the injections mostly because of peer pressure, and than later regretted having taken the experimental treatment and thus underwent “blood washing” twice afterwards.

He describes how doctors saw “particles” in his blood and he tested for d-dimers to determine the extent of blood clotting in his vessels. It seems the doctor had advised him it was necessary after having taken the mRNA injections.

Post-injection blood clots 

Lindner, who has 8.5 million Instagram followers, described how an unsettling blood clot had been extracted while undergoing tests in Thailand: “When she took the blood, there was like this white thing in there. I’m like, what the f— is in there? I’m like, maybe cholesterol.”

Lindner recounts a “conspiracy” friend then explained that this sort of thing was happening to athletes all over the world. Lindner told in the podcast that his D-dimer results changed as a result of the blood cleaning treatment.

Lindner appeared in the podcast to take the whole experience in stride, and thought COVID was comparable to a flu and that the public overreacted to it.

Of course, the cause of Lindner’s tragic death cannot be attributed directly to the COVID shots, but the white blood clot is a telltale indicator it may have played a role. In today’s medical environment, the truth of it will probably never come to light.

“Neck pain” days earlier

The media makes no mention of Lindner’s vaccine history and instead blame the athlete’s death on other causes. The New York Post reports: “His girlfriend, Nicha, known as @immapeaches online, shared a bittersweet tribute to the late bodybuilder Saturday on Instagram, reporting an aneurysm caused his death. She claimed he had complained of neck pain just days earlier.”

Lindner also took trt: testosterone replacement therapy.

3 responses to “Germany’s Leading Fitness Influencer Dies Suddenly At Age 30…4-Times COVID “Vaccinated””

  1. John Hultquist

    I’m a skeptic. I always want to eliminate other possibilities before settling on the cause of something.

    Testosterone replacement therapy is known to increase risk.
    Dated 2014:

    Joe Fixx wrote a 1977 best-selling book The Complete Book of Running. He died of a heart attack while jogging at 52 years of age.

  2. voza0db

    Just another Good Death…

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