Green New Deal’s Unaffordable Mobility…Nissan Head Warns E-Cars Too Expensive For Many

Mobility risks becoming affordable ONLY TO THE RICH, while the poor will become prisoners in their 15-minute cities

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German site Inside here reports how electric cars have the “big problem” of being “simply too expensive”, are “only for the rich” and “out of reach for most motorists”.

No wonder the so-called 15-minute cities are being planned and in some cases already set up: people won’t be able to travel anywhere because cars will be unaffordable! The battery is the major cost driver of an e-car.

Nissan’s e-car boss is now speaking up: “The fact is that electric mobility can hardly be presented for less than 20,000 euros at the moment,” says Nissan’s e-car boss Guillaume Pelletreau in an interview with Vision Mobility magazine. “I think we will probably have to say goodbye to the magic 10,000 euro mark.”

“And what e-car buyer is satisfied with a two-door car that has to be charged for an hour at a charging station after 200 kilometers and has to pay 20,000 euros for it?” Inside Digital asks.

“We are also aware that many customers are no longer able or willing to pay the higher prices. For them, we offer alternatives: On the one hand, the possibility to lease our vehicles at attractive conditions thanks to strong residual values, or to purchase young Nissan used vehicles,” says Pelletreau.

Germany’s ADAC automobile club recently warned that many people will continue to drive their old diesel and petrol cars because they cannot afford an e-car.

The head of the ADAC warned: “E-mobility must not be reserved for wealthy homeowners with a solar system and their own wallbox for charging,”

See entire article at Inside here

2 responses to “Green New Deal’s Unaffordable Mobility…Nissan Head Warns E-Cars Too Expensive For Many”

  1. ColA
  2. voza0db

    That’s the ENTIRE POINT of e-mobility…Mobility will becoming affordable ONLY TO THE RICH, this is the PLAN.

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