Italy Ruffled By German Health Minister’s Wild Claim: “Climate Change Destroying Southern Europe”

Germany’s radical, fear-porn health minister, Karl Lauterbach, has once again stirred controversy with another of his wild doomsday exaggerations.

Italian minister of tourism unamused here reports how Italy is “angry with the German health minister” who has been spending his summer vacation in the Italian Tuscany. Since the end of Corona and the start of summer, Lauterbach has made extreme heat Germany’s number one health issue and has been busily hyping Europe’s regular summer heat as some sort of threat to humanity.

“No future”

On his most recent escapade, Lauterbach tweeted of the once popular summer holiday destinations of Italy: “Arrived in Bologna Italy today, now it’s off to Tuscany. The heat wave is spectacular here. If things continue like this, these holiday destinations will have no future in the long term. Climate change is destroying southern Europe. An era is coming to an end.”

Tourism Minister Daniela Santanchè took issue with Lauterbach’s outlandish tweet: “In any case, we are sure that Germans will appreciate Italian holidays more and more,” adding: “I thank the German Health Minister for choosing Italy as a destination, which has always been the preferred holiday destination of his compatriots. And of course we look forward to welcoming him again in the future.”

Lauterbach not using “objective data”

Giuseppe Ciminnisi, president of the Fiavet tourism association, accused Mr. Lauterbach of misrepresenting the weather and climate data, telling Germany’s FAZ he should analyze the issue “on the basis of objective data in order to substantiate his opinion.”

It turns out that Italian hot weather is exactly what warm weather deprived Germans are looking for. comments:  “According to Ciminnisi, Italy is ‘overcrowded’ with tourists this year. According to forecasts by the polling company ‘Demoskopika’, 68 million tourists are expected in Italy this summer, more than 35 million of them from abroad – that would be a new record.”

Bologna summer temperature is normal

German energy expert Prof Fritz Vahrenholt reacted to Lauterbach’s claims in the German talk round panel “stimmt”: “That’s really terrible because we know that on the day he landed there, it was basically 30°C and the week that followed it didn’t get over 31°C. That, by the way, is usual in Bologna. In July in Bologna the average high temperature over the last 30 years has been 32°C. That means instead he could have said that we are seeing pleasant temperatures, not quite as hot as usual. But, he has to spread fear among the people.”

The heat crisis seems to be solely in Karl Lauterbach’s mind. Vahrenholt added that currently 15 million Germans are now headed to southern Europe for their summer holidays this year.

Lauterbach is among them. Can 15 million Germans be wrong about that?

6 responses to “Italy Ruffled By German Health Minister’s Wild Claim: “Climate Change Destroying Southern Europe””

  1. Joe C Chang

    funny how the climate change crowd can’t get their stories straight. one clique says the warming is most pronounced at the high latitudes (in line with historical warm periods) leading to melting of the polar ice caps but also that little warming occurs in the equatorial regions.
    this group claiming excessive warming in the sub-tropical latitudes

  2. John Hultquist

    Yesterday afternoon (central Washington USA) my temperature was 37.8°C (100°F) – Siesta time. Will be looking for a spot under a shade-tree and a cool drink today. The high is supposed to be 32°C.

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  4. Luigi

    I have not read about any extreme cold in my home town, Viareggio this summer. 29-33°C as it has always been.
    And Florenz has constantly reached 40°C almost every year for the last 40 years.

    Storms in summer are normal: one summer in the 80es a friend of mine who lived in a house directly on the beach counted 11 tornadoes offshore in front of Viareggio

    Big hail grains falling in the Plain of the Po river, as well as mid-summer storms are also known meteorological phenomena. I remember it happened in the 80es, my grandpa, who served in the Regia Marina in WWII, told me when I was a child these were normal and have always happened.

    So where is extreme weather in Italy?

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