Germans Will Need To Turn On Heat As Cold, Wet Weather Sets To Grip Country In Early August

“Weather situation from mid to late October”…cold and rains drown heat alarmism across Europe. Highs only in the 50s and 60s Fahrenheit.

NOAA August forecast for Europe flops!

Early in the summer, “experts” like the NOAA had predicted a record hot and dry summer was likely for Europe. The first 6 weeks of the summer, June 1st to July 16th, Germany indeed put Germany on track for a near record hot summer.

The German Green/Socialist government, yearning the days of Corona like lockdowns, could hardly contain their glee and began readying plans for a state of heat-emergency. Lockdowns again at last!

Europe’s summer turns unusually cold, wet. Source: WX Charts. Hat-tip: David Birch

The German Green Party announced at its site:

The current heatwave comes as no surprise – it is the new normal. This year in particular – with the shocking reports from Siberia and the Arctic – shows that the climate crisis is rapidly accelerating.”

But unfortunately for the climate alarmists in Germany and Europe, the summer heat and drought have since disappeared as unusually cool, wet weather has moved in. The chances this summer will average out to be a scorcher are rapidly dwindling.

October weather in early August

At, meteorologist Dominik Jung reports that October weather is forecast for next week with HIGHS only in the 50s and 60s (13°C to 20°C) by next Friday:

“The first August days, you can hardly believe that it could be a weather situation from mid to end of October,” Jung reports. Snow could even fall in the Alps at elevations over 2500 meters.

By the weekend the temperatures across Germany will plummet into the single digits. “The night from Friday to Saturday in the Alps there’s a chance of ground surface frost.”

For North Germany, temperatures will struggle to even reach the 20°C mark. Many Germans will have no choice but to turn on the heat, even though it’s the peak of summer.

NOAA August forecast flops

Back in June, what did the NOAA predict for Germany’s August, 2023? They predicted a scorcher, with temperature anomalies of near +3°C! :

Image cropped here.

That forecast has already flopped.

Of course, the miserable 14-day forecast doesn’t necessarily mean summer is already over. Hot summer days are still highly possible at the end of August and early September. But one thing is almost certain: plenty of rainfall forecast for the early part of the month means August will come in normal in terms of precipitation, or even wetter than normal.

The doomsday heat and drought summer that the lockdown-zealot alarmists had hoped for has virtually evaporated.

7 responses to “Germans Will Need To Turn On Heat As Cold, Wet Weather Sets To Grip Country In Early August”

  1. John Hultquist

    “from mid to late October”

    I assume the word “October” is meant to be August.
    If not, help me understand.

  2. John Hultquist

    On 2nd read I note that the early August weather is to be more like climatological October – cool and wet.

    NOAA has trouble get a 3-day forecast correct.
    What does the ECMWF think?

  3. Petit_Barde

    I wonder if climate cultists will flip flop and mandate cold snap lockdowns.

  4. voza0db

    For a while now my weather forecast is: Open the window in the morning look at the Sky and act accordingly…

  5. voza0db

    And taking about alarmist and scoundrels:

    Germans Should Prepare For “Tough Years Ahead” Due To Energy Transition, Green Economy Minister Warns
    teaser image
    The green transition coupled with rising energy prices will slow down the German economy…

    They just forget to say that the REAL REASON for the decline is the rejection of CHEAP and ABUNDANT RUSSIAN GAS due the the sanctions they imposed! NO ONE FORCED Germany to engage in sanctions against Russia… Ow wait! The USofT did…

  6. Gerry, England

    I have read that there has already been some fresh snow in the ALps, news of which was absent during the heatwave/fires hysteria in the legacy media. Also temperature records going back decades have been broken in northern Russia – cold records that is…

  7. Germans Will Need to Turn on Heat as Cold, Wet Weather Sets to Grip Country in Early August • Watts Up With That?

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