Manmade Climate Change Remains Unproven, Dutch, German Scientists Say

Anything but certain…


Studie von CLINTEL-und EIKE-Referenten: Menschgemachter Klimawandel unbewiesen!


A highly topical peer-reviewed study in the scientific magazine “climate” proves on the basis of measured data that the “man-made” climate change claimed by the media and politicians is anything but certain.

37 international scientists from different institutions statistically examined public data on the temperature development on the continents of the northern hemisphere. They specifically chose the north, since the largest part of the earth’s land mass is located here and therefore a particularly large number of values from measuring stations from many decades are available.

Among the authors are some names known to EIKE readers, such as Willie Soon, Johan Berglund, Marcel Crok, Ana G. Elias, François Gervais, Hermann Harde, Ole Humlum, Patrick Moore, Nicola Scafetta, Jan-Erik Solheim, László Szarka and Fritz Vahrenholt.

Rural vs urban

It was important for the researchers to compare data from measuring stations in rural and urban areas. The reason for this is the well-known heat island effect of settlements, which makes cities and larger villages somewhat warmer than the undeveloped surroundings.

Global Warming: Is the Covered-up Cause the Heat Island Effect?

Every inhabitant can easily understand that Built areas are basically warmer: Building facades heat up more through solar radiation than, for example, a tree or a meadow. Heaters and air conditioners generate heat deliberately or as a side effect – all this causes a higher local temperature by up to 2°C on an annual average.

This naturally raises the question for the honest scientist whether the urban heat island effect does not falsify temperature data. The question is justified, since the number of measuring stations has been drastically reduced since 1990 – and those that have been maintained are mostly located near settlements, since they are maintained from there.

Another problem: In countries like China, cities have grown enormously in recent decades, “overgrowing” previously remote locations of measuring stations. For this reason alone, thermometers at such locations are measuring a higher temperature this year.

Natural warming or industrial global warming?

Government scientists claim that the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere has risen since 1850 because booming industry has been blowing huge amounts of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into the air ever since. The “climate” study examined measurement series from 1850 to 2018 and found that the mean temperature has risen by 0.89°C per century. That’s true for mixed measurement data from settlements and the province. If one uses only values from rural areas, one obtains a warming of only 0.55°C (38% less).

Warm industrial age is good for mankind

Now, one could say that even if there is a small error in the data, CO2 still heated the world. Not at all – until 1850 the “little ice age” prevailed in the northern hemisphere, as the cooling phase lasting about 400 years is somewhat dramatically called. It is to be expected that after this long period of time it will naturally become warmer again, and this is good for people. And nothing new: The High Middle Ages and the Roman period were epochs of rich harvests and cultural flourishing.

First appearing at  AUF1 (edited)

Also see this presentation by Marcel Crok



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