Germany 17.2°C Mean September Temperature Sets All-Time High…DWD Blames “Climate Change”

Germany’s DWD national weather service reports September, 2023, was the warmest ever recorded, the second sunniest. High pressure ruled the month.

This year, Germans welcomed a warm September. Symbol photo, by NoTricksZone

The reason for the “enormous meteorological anomalies to Germany in September”, the DWD reports, was “an omega weather situation.” Central Europe was under the constant influence of high pressure and an unusual amount of sunshine, which pushed temperatures to summerlike levels.


“The sun also shone relentlessly, while at the same time it was considerably too dry, as reported by the German Weather Service (DWD) after initial evaluations of the results from its approximately 2,000 measuring stations.”

The mean temperature for September 2023 in Germany was 17.2 degrees Celsius (°C), Compared to the 1991 to 2020 reference period, the deviation was + 3.4 degrees, which significantly exceeded the previous records set in September 2006 and 2016 (both 16.9 °C).

“Further evidence it’s climate change”

Though the warm September was due to a favorable weather pattern, the DWD warns it’s climate change: “The exceptional temperatures in this year’s record-breaking September in Germany are further evidence that we are in the midst of climate change,” said Tobias Fuchs, head of the Climate and Environment Division at the DWD.

Extended summer more than welcome

We can only speculate on why the DWD seems to view the pleasant, warm September with gloom, rather as something to welcome. German summers are already infamously short, with the heating season often extending into early June and starting in mid September – if not sooner.

This year’s warm September means Germans were able to delay the start of the heating season, enjoy more days outdoors and extend the growing season – all welcome benefits.

Complaints about cool September, 2022

Last September, 2022, the song was very different: In the midst of the energy crisis, government officials complained that people had already started heating in earnest. Last year, Germany’s mean September temperature came in at a nippy 13.4°C, almost half a degree cooler than normal.

Second sunniest ever

September 2023 in Germany was record-breaking in terms of sunshine – only 1959 was sunnier. With about 246 hours, sunshine, it far exceeded the 1991-2020 mean of 157 hours, an increase of about 57 percent. Correspondingly, the month was much drier than normal.


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