Biology Professor: 4000 ppm CO2 “Drastically Promotes Growth Of Representative Land Plants”

By AR Göhring, EIKE

Greens and activists used to be absolutely in favor of protecting the greenery of our planet – at least that’s what the city kids claimed. Today they are more honest, as they advocate the industrialization of nature with wind turbines and PV parks and preach instead abstract and long refuted consequences of the “global warming crisis” like extreme weather or heat and drought.

Professor of biology Ulrich Kutschera from Kassel, Germany, has been attacked by the Greens and left-wing students for his gender criticism is retired and has carried out CO2 fertilization experiments with his research group Evolutionary Biology.

It has yielded expected results: test plants of the species Tahitian Bridal Veil, Gibasis geniculata or Tradescantia geniculata, grow dramatically better with CO2 fumigation. After 21 days of cultivation A: with 0.04% CO2, i.e. the current content of the air (420 ppm) B: with 4% enriched (4,000 ppm).

Prof. Kutschera writes in his introduction:

British Naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace (1823–1913), who was born 200 years ago, argued in a popular book of 1903 that carbon dioxide (CO2) is enriched in exhaled air of humans, and bad for our health, but essential to plant development.

With reference to the 2023 World Climate Declaration, we document that exhaled CO2 drastically promotes the growth of a representative land pant. Using regenerated cuttings of Tradescantia geniculata, raised in moist soil, we show that, within 21 days of growth in a day-/night-cycle, CO2-enrichment (ca. 4 vol. % vs. 0.04 vol. % in the control) exerts the following effects: Average stem length is doubled, a three-fold enhancement in the number of branches occurs, and adventitious roots, plus flowers, develop. This CO2-fertilisation-experiment is discussed in the light of the “Global Greening”-phenomenon, documented as large increase in plant biomass since ca. 1850.

We also address negative effects of further rising CO2-levels in the atmosphere on the global environment in the ongoing Anthropocene. Finally, we point out that A. R. Wallace was not only a theorizing explorer of nature, but also an expert in animal-and plant physiology.”

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One response to “Biology Professor: 4000 ppm CO2 “Drastically Promotes Growth Of Representative Land Plants””

  1. Scissor

    4% is 40,000 ppm not 4000 ppm.

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