EU Parliamentarian: 15-Minute Cities Will Be “Complete impoverishment”, “Enslavement Of All The People”

The real target isn’t your convenience or climate protection. Instead it will be the ability for them lock people down whenever they want.

There’s a lot of talk about 15-minute cities. Everything you need will be located within a 15-minute walk from where you live. Who would not want that kind of convenience!

Often shown are promotion images of 15-niunte city dwellers, happily pedaling the bikes under blue skies, carrying out their daily lives with ease and comfort.

However, EU Parliamentarian Christine Anderson warns what 15-minute cities are really about: the total control of people via QR codes.

Target: lockdowns anytime they want

“Make no mistake. It’s not about convenience,” says German EU Parliamentarian Christine Anderson. The 15-minute cities are what will be needed, however, before they can implement the real target: locking people down anytime they want.

In Great Britain: “They will be able to impose a climate lockdown. That’s the next step; that’s what we’re talking about. ”

Anderson predicts: “It will be a complete impoverishment and enslavement of all the people.”

The biggest lie about 15-minute cities is the promise you’ll have access to “everything you need” will be practically right next door. The truth will be, however, “everything you need” will be defined as inly the bare essentials needed to stay alive: water, 1200 calories a day and a controlled temperature. Anything else will not necessarily be a short distance away, and could involve substantial obstacles to procure – possibly even involving government-issued permits to purchase.

A giant concentration camp

If you consider the Saudi Arabian NEOM project, as Anderson explains, one can easily imagine what a hell and prison they could turn into.

Is it ever going to work?

It’s 99.9999% sure it’ll never work. Already cities and communities are beginning to roll out their 15-minoute concepts. Wait a year or two after their implementation, and it’ll quickly emerge what a naïve idea it all is. Everywhere else will quickly realize what a failure these cities are and will rise up and resist following along.

The 15-minute cities are just the latest wacky idea from far-out political loonies. In truth they will become fertile grounds for rebellion and revolution, and this time it’s not going to take 70 years for the people to wake up.

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16 responses to “EU Parliamentarian: 15-Minute Cities Will Be “Complete impoverishment”, “Enslavement Of All The People””

  1. DMA

    This whole concept seems unworkable and unacceptable. In Montana it takes more than 15 minutes driving (not walking) to get to a hospital, grocery store, hunting or fishing location. Who defines “everything you need” and who enforces the 15 minute walking radius? I don’t think they will sell this concept very widely.

    1. John Hultquist

      Your betters do not want you living as you do.
      Montana has 10 cities with populations of 10K or above.
      Y’all will have to move into one of those and learn
      to walk.
      The rest of the State will be re-wilded and you will be
      slowly cancelled by lack of food, cold, and by folks on
      bikes hitting people walking.
      Enjoy. 🙂

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  5. Gerry, England

    Only people living in the centre of large cities could have thought it up. The expansion of London’s cash generating ULEZ has shown just how rural some parts of Greater London actually are. I worked at a boundary London Borough and we had a part that was completely different to that closer to central London. There was even a small area that to reach by road required driving through another borough as there were only footpaths and bridle paths connecting it to the rest.

  6. Spartacus

    Really? This lady from the far right is trying to convince people that 15-minute cities are a kind of fence beyond which people can’t move. The scribe of this article seems to agree. The concept has nothing to do with it and, given the rationality of the posts I see on this blog about the climate, with strong support and quotes to match, I expected a lot more. This post really discredits this blog in my opinion. The 15-minute cities are not ghettos but ways of providing infrastructure in a concept of freedom, a concept that the lady MP’s party doesn’t seem to understand.

    1. Jeremy Poynton

      Freedom. Jesus. Not the freedom my parents generation fought for.

      1. Spartacus

        What’s wrong about providing all that people need in a range of 15 minutes?? I’ve never saw, anywhere, that this was intended to lock people in 15 minutes fences. Please provide me evidence that this is intended to lockdown people in 15 minutes “gettos” and I’ll agree with you.

        1. John Brown
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  8. mwhite
    The UN’s green helmets going in.

    1. Yonason

      Thanks, mqhite. Good info.

      Ditto that to John Brown, above.

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