Germany Sees 2nd Warmest Autumn On Record…But It “Ends With A Winter Finale”

The preliminary data from the approx. 2000 DWD German national weather service have been tabulated for autumn (September-October-November) 2023. It is the second warmest in Germany since measurements began in 1881.

The period from January to November 2023 is also in second place with an average of 11.2 °C. Uwe Kirsche, spokesperson for the German Weather Service (DWD): “We still have to wait for December, but 2023 is also likely to be another one of the warmest years in Germany.”

Though the autumn was warm and wet, it ended on a wintry note as the country has been hit by a cold snows Arctic blast over the past week.

For example, Germany’s northern neighbor, Denmark, the city of Copenhagen yesterday saw the “coldest November night” in 100 years, reports Scott Duncan at Twitter:


At 11.5 °C, the average temperature for the autumn of 2023 was +2.2 degrees above the 1991-2020 mean. “Severe frosts of -10 °C in the eastern low mountain ranges formed the wintry autumn finale,” reports the DWD.

Rainiest in over 2 decades

The DWD also reports that it was the rainiest autumn since 2002, as 257 liters of precipitation per square meter (l/m²) fell. That’s around 35 percent more than in the reference period from 1991 to 2020 (190 l/m²). November was extremely wet with around 126 liters per square meter (l/m²) – double of what is normal.

It’s safe to say that Germany’s drought is over. Much of the November precipitation will seep deep into the soil.

Autumn 2023 in Germany also was also about 25% sunnier than normal, with a mean of 392 hours of sunshine. November, on the other hand, was cloudier than normal. The sun shined just 42 hours, i.e. 25% less than normal.

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6 responses to “Germany Sees 2nd Warmest Autumn On Record…But It “Ends With A Winter Finale””

  1. Richard Greene

    Winter finale?

    Winter starts December 21, 2023

    Fall has not ended yet.

    Hold off on 2nd warmest Fall claim until Fall ends.

  2. Luigi

    50cm snow in Munich and it’s still snowing


  3. Robert Christopher

    Litres per square metre?

    KISS = Keep It Simple, Scientist!

    Why not use millimetres, or even inches, per month!

    At least we would make comparison with monthly and yearly figures easier.

  4. bonbon

    Today Munich snow chaos, Airport closed, Train Station closed. Rail all over Bavaria stopped.

  5. bonbon

    A man made snow chaos in Bavaria, because of austerity, inflation :
    That is the Munich Senate report. Moscow has no problem clearing such snow.

  6. bonbon

    Has someone a link to the latest solar cycle and precipitation?

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