Renowned Belgian Virologist vanden Bossche Warns Highly Vaccinated Population Face “Decimation”

Dutch professor warns of decimation rates of 30, 40% for the highly vaccinated.

If the projections and hypothesis of renowned Belgian virologist Geert vanden Bossche are true, then everyone who got conned into getting the COVID 19 mRNA vaccine is going to deeply regret it.

Health authorities, politicians, media figures and pushers are going to have to find a very deep hole to hide in if they wish to escape the wrath of the masses.

In this above video discussion with Steve Kirsch at Rumble, vanden Bossche speaks of a rapidly mutating virus, saying that recent developments seen are “very new and very very worrisome” (18:15).

And so far, everything that vanden Bossche feared and predicted earlier is coming true. “If you put all these factors together, There is at least in my viewpoint, a reason for big big concern that we are in the last straight line into what I’ve been predicting since quite a long time, which is the mergence of a new variant that would have the capacity to cause highly virulent, very serious disease in vaccinated populations.” (18:45)

“Unprecedented wave of mortality”

In vanden Bossche’s view, highly vaccinated people have gravely compromised their immune systems, and done so with potentially profound consequences which soon will begin to manifest themselves.

“In my humble opinion, what we are going to see is something completely completely unprecedented in terms of the magnitude of the wave of morbidity and unfortunately mortality that we will see.” (32:20) 

“I would not be surprised that we will be hearing of serious decimation of the population – in some populations maybe up to 30, 40%.” (33.10).

I’m very anxious to see what is going to happen not in the coming months, but in the coming days and the coming weeks.”

Steve Kirsch: “Wow!” 

We’re in a heap of trouble if vanden Bossche is correct, and in the least it should highlight the pitfalls of the smart-sounding but very dumb advice of “follow the science.”

13 responses to “Renowned Belgian Virologist vanden Bossche Warns Highly Vaccinated Population Face “Decimation””

  1. Petit_Barde

    Saddly, here in France, the criminals in charge have managed to suppress Rumble’s access :

    Because of French government demands to remove creators from our platform, Rumble is currently unavailable in France. We are challenging these government demands and hope to restore access soon.”

    1. MattS

      Time for a VPN. I suggest Nord or Surf shark. Select a location outside France…

  2. Vik

    What if you only took the initial 2 part vaccine and it was by Pfizer?

  3. Kevin a
    Nobel Prize recipient, & highly esteemed inventor of the #PCR test, Kary Mullis explains his history with #Fauci – & it doesn’t bode well for him.
    Why do unvaccinated countries have far better health outcomes than highly vaccinated countries?

    #Fauci run #NIH has received $350,000,000.00 in royalty payments from Pharmaceutical companies in the past decade.

  4. Richard Greene

    This is tin hat conspiracy theory Stage IV claptrap.
    Why contaminate this website with this nonsense data free wild speculation prediction? Is this click bait for page views?

    No person with average intelligence or above could possibly believe this crackpot Ph.D. who has piled his speculation High and deep.

    So almost three years after the Covid shots began, targeting the elderly who were most likely to die from reactions to the injections, there has been no rise of excess deaths or all cause mortality since 2020. Of course that also means the shots did not reduce deathsmdeaths since 2020

    US data chart of Covid deaths:

    The Honest Climate Science and Energy Blog: OFF TOPIC: US Covid deaths before vaccine (TRUMP) and after Vaccine (BIDEN)

    The shots should not even be called vaccines since the antibodies do not fight Covid infection well enough to defeat the virus with no symptoms — the traditional definition of immunity.

    The shots ere not safe
    The shots were not effective
    The shots were forced on people with fascist tactics
    I am not vaccinated. Nor is the wife.

    My blogs have recommended hundreds of anti-vax articles in the past three years.

    But as a blog editor with over 670,000 page views, I would never publish wild speculation like this article.

    Some people have immune systems that can not handle spike proteins including those generated by a shot. The percentage may be 1% to 2% — some of them die prematurely, which has been a medical disaster. Those who die from problems from the shits tend to be elderly with comorbidities, and the deaths t tend to occur in the first week or two after a shot — not years later.

    All the heart problems for younger people are an adverse side effect, but they rarely kill. The claims of a huge increase of the number of college athletes dying from heart attacks on the playing fields are disinformation.

    Steve Kirsch writes some good articles I have recommended on my blog, but others are trash. Like this one.

    Come in conservatives:
    There are SO MANY PROBLEMS with Covid shots that we make ourselves appear to be fools by overlooking the real problems supported by data .. and spreading data free claims of horrible side effects that only exist in some crackpot’s imagination. Science requires data. Wild guess predictions do not

    1. PhilH

      I agree. Steve has been casting about for someone to validate his worst-case interpretations of the New Zealand data leak. Read Briggs’s analysis for a much more reasonable take. The covid shot is pointless and potentially slightly dangerous as all vaccines are.

      1. Richard Greene

        No vaccine in US history has been even close to having the adverse side effects of Covid shots — 50x more serious adverse side effects reported than any other vaccine since 1990 — that is a medical disaster.

        Your casual claim that Covid shots are slightly dangerous AS ALL vaccines are is a lie. You are either unaware of the data, or a liar, or a fool, or a biased leftist. Or all four.

        The Briggs New Zealand analysis was good
        You get partial credit for saying that.

    2. James Charles

      “This is tin hat conspiracy theory Stage IV claptrap.”

      I hope that you are right!

      ‘We’ should soon ‘know’?

      “I’m very anxious to see what is going to happen not in the coming months, but in the coming days and the coming weeks.”

    3. Rossmore

      Apparently there HAS been an increase in sudden deaths among younger people who you would not normally expect suffering sudden death. Not being a doctor I have nevertheless picked up that if you have an infection in your body you should not engage in heavy/intensive physical exercise. It could lead to inflammation of the heart muscle. Thinking that there were a lot of young well trained athletes out there who during the pandemic got their shots, had no symptoms of the shot, continued to train hard, etc. Also thinking that getting a shot is a kind of infection.

      You do the math.

  5. Kevin a

    Remarkably, despite the aura of modern space-age medicine — not one childhood vaccine of the 72 that are recommended in the US — has ever been subject to a long term pre-licensing placebo controlled safety trial. Kennedy knows, because he took legal action to get Anthony Fauci to supply one study. After a year of litigation, they admitted they could not provide a single study.

  6. Kevin a

    Dr. Denis Rancourt Unveiling All-Cause Mortality: A Critical Analysis of the Pandemic Declaration and Vaccination Rollout | Ottawa Day One | NCI


    Mr. Richard Greene. “No rise in excess deaths or all cause mortality since 2020.”

    Really??? I just read stuff from all sides, and I see excess deaths and all cause mortality all over the place.

  8. Richard Greene

    Excess deaths gradually declined in the US from the peak in March. April and May 2020. Kist what you would expect as the virus killed off the elderly who were near the end of their lives prematurely and more and more people gained natural antibodies from their immune systems fighting off natural Covi infections (99% survided Covid 19 and almost 100% survive Omicron).
    The onbious question is why didn’t excess deaths from significant;t as the most vulnerable elderly got shots in early 2021/ The obvious answer is the shots did not save ives

    What about 2022 and 2023 as the extremely low infection fatality rate Omicron crowded out Covid 19 and ended the pandemic?

    Influenza has a death rate about 10x higher than Omicron

    Covid 19 has a death rate 100x higher than Omicron

    So wht are excess mortality (an estimate) and all cause mortality still high?

    No one knows for sure, because few people want to know, but the Covid shots are on the top of my list of suspects.

    That does not mean I have to tolerate complete fools claiming Covid shots will kill 30% to 40% of the highly vaccinated prematurely, based on a wild guess, data free prediction three years after the shots were inflicted on the general public

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