New Study Finds No Evidence Of A CO2-Driven Warming Signal In 60 Years Of IR Flux Data

“The real atmosphere does not follow the GHG [greenhouse gas] GE [greenhouse effect] hypothesis of the IPCC.” – Miskolczi, 2023

CO2 increased from 310 ppm to 385 ppm (24%) during the 60 years from 1948 to 2008. Observations indicate this led to a negative radiative imbalance of -0.75 W/m². In other words, increasing CO2 delivered a net cooling effect – the opposite of what the IPCC has claimed should happen (Miskolczi, 2023).

Also, there is “no correlation with time and the strong signal of increasing atmospheric CO2 content in any time series,” which affirms “the atmospheric CO2 increase cannot be the reason for global warming.”

“The Arrhenius type greenhouse effect of the CO2 and other non-condensing GHGs is an incorrect hypothesis and the CO2 greenhouse effect based global warming hypothesis is also an artifact without any theoretical or empirical footing.”

Image Source: Miskolczi, 2023

6 responses to “New Study Finds No Evidence Of A CO2-Driven Warming Signal In 60 Years Of IR Flux Data”

  1. cementafriend

    Interesting mathematical analysis based on measured data he has previously written about and added some newer data on other planets. It is a pity Dr Noor Van Andel is no longer available as as Dr of Chemical Engineering to assess this latest article in the light of the articles by Drs Niklov and Zeller. The latter explain temperatures at various levels of the atmosphere and find that CO2 has nothing to with changes as does Miskcolcski. N & Z make sense within the 5th Postulate of thermodynamics. However, neither Miskcolcski or N&Z mention the very obvious and proven (in theory & measurement) the 4th postulate of thermodynamics (2nd law of thermodynamics – heat only flows from hot to cold). Van Andel as an engineer and inventer of heat transfer equipment may have been able to come up with better and simpler explanations. He did a good analysis of Miskcolcski’s 2010 article and had a good paper about storms and clouds. It should have been clear to all groups articles like those from the 3rd rate Pierrehumbert are engineering and scientific rubbish. clouds (water and ice particles), water vapour and CO2 radiate to space (as Miscolcski diagrams). CH4 in the atmosphere does not absorb any radiation (LW or SW) and so does on radiate by Kirkhoff’s law.

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  3. Climate Realist

    This “paper” is pure pseudo-scientific nonsense. It was only accepted by a predatory open access fake science “journal” that the author had to pay in order to get his laughable drivel “published”. No reputable science research journal would ever publish this hogwash, which was already refuted long ago by millions of years of the earth’s own climate history.

    1. Richard M

      Please provide detailed reasoning for your comment. Yeah right, that’s not going to happen, is it. Your description was only accurate for your comment.

  4. Amos Quito

    With what do you specifically take issue?


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