NEW! 2023 Data: Pacific Typhoon Activity Calmed Considerably Past 7 Decades!

The data from Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) Pacific typhoons formed and those making landfall in Japan are now available and have been tabulated by Tony Heller’s wife, Kirye

Result: no rising trend for the past 70 years!

The JMA’s data go back more than 7 decades, to 1951.

First we look at the latest data from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) for the number of typhoons formed annually in the Pacific since 1951.

Data source: JMA here

Where’s the climate crisis? In the US or European data?

The linear trend for the number of typhoons has fallen some 10%.

Warmer and calmer Pacific

Contrary to the claims from alarmists, typhoons have in fact become less frequent. The trend has been clearly downward since the globe has been said to have warmed nearly 1°C.

Typhoons landfalling in Japan no trend

Next we look at the number of typhoons having made landfall in Japan:

Data source: JMA here

 The trend has been constant over the past 70 years. The model projections of more frequent and stronger tropical storms in the Pacific have turned out to be completely wrong.

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