Germany’s “Spring In Winter” Lasted Weeks, Reached 15°C In January 1974!

Extended spring like weather also occurred in Europe 50 years ago

It’s been mild across Europe, bringing some relief from the hardships of winter. Yet, the media again is reporting the mild weather as if it’s something bad, which has never happened before. But of course, this is not true.

What follows is a newspaper clipping from January 14, 21974, published in ‘Die Welt‘:

Hat-tip: Michael Sehlert at Facebook

The Die Welt article reported 50 years ago (temps are in Celsius):

Spring in Winter – 15 degrees warm

The ‘spring in winter’, which has been ongoing for weeks, has reached a new high point on Sunday. The temperatures climbed in some Alps valleys and in the Bavarian lowland up to 15 degrees amid a strong foehn pattern. The thaw has reached to high elevations. Even on the Zugspitze, Germany’s tallest mountain, a sensational temperature of 0 degrees was reached in January. Up to 10 degrees was even measured at 2000 meters. The ski slopes at lower elevations were no longer usable.”

(But shhhhhhh….you’re not supposed to know this.)

6 responses to “Germany’s “Spring In Winter” Lasted Weeks, Reached 15°C In January 1974!”

  1. dm

    Pierre, Dr. Mann COMMANDS you to make this article disappear!!! It discredits recent “adjustments” to official temperature records. Adjustments tend to cool Europe in the 1970s.

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  3. Dioex

    Bonjour, j’ai Trouvé cet article de Nature qui montre que la neutralité carbone aggrave le réchauffement, 😂

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  5. Russell

    Courage Pierre- 15C in January is nothing compared to the 26˙C Mr. Steyn commands the Notrickszone to keep under wraps .

    That was the temperature in DC when his judge decided to move the trial to cooler January quarters because the jury was starting to sweat.

    Last Friday word arrived that the global January ocean temperature record has fallen as well.

    The temperature of the defendants rhetoric is expected to keep pace as winter turns to spring .

  6. Tidningsurklipp – Dubbla stolar – Skriver om det media censurerar och saknar objektivitet kring

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