Germany’s Energy Sources Are Running Out As Biden Stops LNG Projects

Germany’s energy crisis deepens further due to Biden’s halt of U.S. LNG projects. Germany is backed into a corner after over-reliance on green energy.

The site of Germany LNG terminal, Wilhelmshaven, photographed in 2012. Later expanded in 2022. Image: RaBoe. CC BY-SA 3.0 de

Germany has dug itself into an energy hole

Due to the environmental and climate hysteria over the past decades, Germany has steadily moved to shut down its vast  fleet of nuclear reactors, coal power plants, and even natural gas supplies (a major supply line from Russia got blown up).

Moreover, Germany is moving to ban fossil fuel heating systems for homes, and mandating electric cars by 2035.

Now in an energy crunch

Since the supply of natural gas from Russia got cut off, it became necessary to find an alternative source quickly – from USA in the form of imported LNG. The German government approved the construction an LNG terminal at the north German coast in record time. This would help secure Germany’s energy supply. Surely the USA could be viewed as a reliable partner.

That was the plan – until President Joe Biden unexpectedly put a stop to further LNG projects. Now, Germany suddenly risks finding itself in energy isolation. It’s panic time in Berlin.

“Devastating energy crisis”

“Germany is facing a devastating energy crisis that seriously threatens its security of supply,” reports Germany’s Blackout News. “Biden’s decision now has far-reaching consequences that could pose serious problems for German energy policy.”

Also see. berliner-zeitung: 26.01.24

The USA is the world’s largest exporter of LNG, but because of climate protection, Biden bowed to pressure from climate radicals and stopped plans to build new export terminals. This development has sent shockwaves through energy-starved Germany.

According to US government officials, four U.S. terminal projects are directly affected Biden’s decision.

Berlin has backed itself into a corner with its years of misguided green energy policy. Now the chickens are coming home to roost.

One response to “Germany’s Energy Sources Are Running Out As Biden Stops LNG Projects”

  1. John Hultquist

    Germany has a problem now.
    Joe’s ruling, stupid as it is, affects the future.

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