Largescale Solar Parks Just Can’t Withstand The Harsh Elements of Nature

Planners and governments keep denying vulnerability. 

Europe is still considering massive solar energy plants along sun-rich North Africa in order to produce hydrogen gas that could be piped over the European mainland, despite having concluded 10 years ago that such projects wouldn’t pay off.

In the latest push, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Robert Habeck (Greens) visited Algeria earlier this month. The focus was on a “southern H2 corridor”, according to the Frankfurter Rundschau here.

The move highlights how desperate Germany has become in terms of energy supply.

Not only is the North African region politically unstable, but it is plagued by extremely harsh climatic conditions and sand storms. Green energy dogmatists have a habit of unrealistically thinking green energy systems are robust and low maintenance. In fact, they are very vulnerable to weather events, as they cannot be protected by a statically sound roof.

Largescale solar parks are pie-in-the-sky

Check out the fate of this 1 billion dollar Nevada project:

Though it appears to be operating today, the costs have been extremely high.

And recall how back in June, 2023, hailstorms in Nebraska smashed a 14,000-panel 4.375 MW ac solar facility to pieces. thus underscoring the fragility of solar power generation systems:

You’d think planners would have learned by now.

10 responses to “Largescale Solar Parks Just Can’t Withstand The Harsh Elements of Nature”

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  2. BoneIdle

    Green brain politicians just don’t want to look at reality with their pet tax payer paid white elephants.

    I lived and worked in North Africa including Algeria. Harsh weather is right. Those continuous sunny days aren’t real. It snows in the desert.
    The entire coastline of Algeria is a temperate climate. Inland are the Atlas mountains which descend into a high plateau and ergs.
    Those vast sand seas you see in the films? Only a relatively small part of the Algerian deserts. I’ve seen snow on sand dunes.

    1. Allan

      Snow on sand dunes, oh my! I bet that lasts hours! Solar panels can handle snow, and it doesn’t snow enough in Northern Africa to even enter the equation, clouds might add up, but not snow.

      1. Richard

        An apologist for failing solutions to a non-problem!

  3. John Hultquist

    God laughs when humans make plans.

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