Merchants Of Panic. Data Reveal That Damages From Weather Have Not Risen

At the online Die Welt, science journalist Axel Bohanowski reports on: “How insurance companies and the media are misleading with weather disasters.” 

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Hat-tip: Klimaschau here.

The rise in property damage often gets blamed on climate change, especially by click-baiting media and greedy insurance companies.

But Bojanowski says it’s misleading to blame climate change, noting: “Global economy has grown by more than 400 percent since 1990, and so there’s a correspondingly greater amount of property. Moreover, the global population has risen by 3 billion people since the 1980s, thus a weather event hits more people and residential areas than before and so more damage is caused.”

Other factors driving up the amount of damage is inflation. Bojanowski reports: “Studies have been showing for a long time that this not much increase in damage is left when increased property values and inflation get deducted from the weather damages.”

The Die Welt article also quotes Prof. Roger Pielke Jr. of the University of Colorado, who said: “There’s no indication that economic damage is increasing due to weather and climate catastrophes.”

When all factors get correctly taken into account, there in fact appears to even be a decrease in economic damage.

Bojanowski’s article has been online for over a year, yet no one has come out to rebut this good news.

It turns out that climate panic is good business for media and insurance companies, but it is not based on fact or real data. It’s more a scam than science. The climate catastrophe is nothing more than a lucrative business model.

4 responses to “Merchants Of Panic. Data Reveal That Damages From Weather Have Not Risen”

  1. John Hultquist

    The cost of fixing damage has gone up. Consider lumber, roofing materials, concrete, all sorts of fixtures (lights), labor – – – it’s a long list.
    Whether it is a car, house, bridge, or public building, if it is damaged the cost of repair has risen fast.
    For autos the newer ones have more stuff, and EVs even more. Computer parts, sensors, complex components (have you looked at a headlight compared to 25 years ago?) making it costly to fix a modern auto.
    It is easy for politicians to blame “climate change” — then they can say it is not their fault, and do nothing useful.

  2. Gunnar Sunde

    yes, you are right: “The cost of fixing damage has gone up”.
    But where do we find the most damaging cost increase?
    Answer: Energy prices.
    Caused by: The Green Shift

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