New Publication: Unvaccinated Are Responsible For All The Vaccine Adverse Effects!

No joke – the paper is for real: A new publication suggests that the stress caused the “terror” from the unvaccinated and their social media is what’s really behind all the post vaccination arterial constriction, heart inflammation, blood clots, dizziness, fainting, blurred vision, loss of smell and taste… Climatology is not the only field plagued […]

China To Double Coal-Fired Power Plant Capacity...Aims To Avoid European, US Blunders

China To Double Coal-Fired Power Plant Capacity…Aims To Avoid European, US Blunders

China continues to barrel ahead with the new construction, expansion of coal fired power plants In Germany, while radical groups of climate-crazies like Extinction Rebellion and Last Generation are gluing themselves to road and airport tarmac surfaces to rescue the planet from the myth that is the climate catastrophe, China is planning to double the […]

Green Fascism Looms Behind Veil Of Fake Benevolence…”Much More Radical Groups”

Greens: fascism looming behind a veil of fake benevolence By Fred F. Mueller In just a few years, an alarming new trend has gone viral. The “classic” green climate warriors like Greenpeace and the WWF are rapidly being outflanked and overtaken by much more radical groups who have given themselves frightening names such as “Extinction […]

Bicyclist Dies After Emergency Rescue Vehicle Delayed By “Last Generation” Protesters

From Die kalte Sonne  Background here. Sad but true, the cyclist who ended up under a concrete truck and whose rescue was delayed by a traffic jam caused by the “Last Generation” is now brain dead [the cyclist in fact died after this posting]. This is reported by the Berliner Zeitung. The legal questions are […]

German Energy-Driven Food Inflation Skyrockets 20.3% In October, Year-On-Year!

German Energy-Driven Food Inflation Skyrockets 20.3% In October, Year-On-Year!

As German energy prices and inflation skyrocket, in large part due to the country’s green energies folly, food inflation at supermarkets reached an all-time high in October 2022.  Milk 67% higher in one year Hat-tip: Germany’s Consumer Price Index for October reached the highest level than at any time since data collection began! Compared […]

Radical Activists Glue Themselves To Porsche Pavilion, Demand Decarbonization Of Transport

Enviro-loonies glue themselves to a Porsche pavilion, go on climate hunger strike People gluing themselves to surfaces in order to obstruct our daily lives: This sort of thing is happening everywhere in Germany. This phenomenon is no better illustrated than by the following Twitter thread: Together with 15 other members of @ScientistRebel1 I have occupied […]

Latest Looney Misandrist Idea From PETA: No Sex For Meat-Eating Men

Animal rights activist group PETA is now calling on women to strike on sex with meat-eating men. PETA’s Elena Waldman really can’t stand men having a good time at the weekend barbecue. She writes: “We all know them, the suburban men with beer bottles in hand, brandishing tongs while cooking sausages on their expensive gas […]

Berlin Antifa Group “Goes On Hunt” For High Energy Users… Heated Pools “Immediately Collectivized”

A Berlin-based leftist Antifa group threatens any property that is excessively consuming energy will be “immediately collectivized”. In an attempt to get some control over the acute energy crisis now sweeping across Germany, the government implemented not long ago some measures to reduce gas and electricity consumption. Energy consumption restrictions For example, shops and businesses […]

Germany’s Spiraling Green Energy Catastrophe: “6 Million Jobs At Risk”…”A National Emergency”

Prof. of Chemistry and energy expert Fritz Vahrenholt interviewed Milena Preradovic in her Punkt.PRERADOVIC podcast. Hat-tip: EIKE Currently Germany’s energy supply is crashing to pieces as costs skyrocket. Companies are closing and consumers are reeling from double digit inflation. Mass unrest threatens this winter. Those responsible for the mess are trying to blame Russia for all […]

Germany's DWD Weather Service Redefines "Heat Wave": Now 3 Consecutive Days Of Warm Weather!

Germany’s DWD Weather Service Redefines “Heat Wave”: Now 3 Consecutive Days Of Warm Weather!

Like the WHO changed the definition of a “pandemic”, the DWD has changed the definition of a “heat wave”…all to falsely generate the sense of a crisis?  Repeat a lie often enough, and in no time the masses start believing it’s true. Probably few institutions know this better than Germany’s DWD national weather service. In […]

Weather Simulations Leading To Über-Hype. And: Germany’s Disaster Management Is In Disastrous State

On weather catastrophes: “Those who do not want to face these central questions because they fear personal or political consequences or want to manage their own ideological agenda cling to the fairy tale of global warming being solely responsible.” – Sven Titz, NZZ The pitfalls of weather models By Die kalte Sonne (Translated, edited by […]

Climate Crisis? Ever Fewer People Dying Of Climate Disasters. There's Hype, And There's Reality

Climate Crisis? Ever Fewer People Dying Of Climate Disasters. There’s Hype, And There’s Reality

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned how the climate crazies and media are falling all over themselves, trying to get people to think we’re in crisis and that the only way out is to declare a permanent state of emergency, rationing and lockdowns . But of course our weather and climate situation is not something we […]

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