Potsdam Climate Institute Scientists Criticized: “Scouring For Most Alarmist Stories”

Share this… Facebook TwitterClimate researcher Björn Stevens, director of the Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Meteorology in Hamburg, criticizes his Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) colleagues, calling them “alarmist” By Die kalte Sonne Björn Stevens is the director of the Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Meteorology in Hamburg and an expert on clouds. […]

Alarmist Scientist Tim Flannery's Drought Prediction Contradicted... "Heavy Rainfalls" 3 Years In a Row

Alarmist Scientist Tim Flannery’s Drought Prediction Contradicted… “Heavy Rainfalls” 3 Years In a Row

Share this… Facebook TwitterBy Snow Fan Source: Australian Government, Bureau of Meteorology La Niña continues to ravage Australia for the third year in a row, and for the third time this year – instead of the increasing drought that was predicted a few years ago – Australia is experiencing repeated flooding. Eighteen years ago, Australia’s […]

"Replacing Natural Gas With Hydrogen Is A Fairy Tale"..."Six Times More Electricity"

“Replacing Natural Gas With Hydrogen Is A Fairy Tale”…”Six Times More Electricity”

Share this… Facebook TwitterHydrogen as an energy source for powering transport and heating poses colossal technical and cost challenges By Die kalte Sonne  Article at Telepolis (Heise). A mostly ignored problem in the hydrogen discussion is that the existing gas grids are not suitable for handling larger amounts of hydrogen. Thus, the Scientific Advisory to […]

Another Top Fit Athlete Mysteriously Suffers Heart Attack

Share this… Facebook TwitterHealthy athletes dropping like flies Oh dear. What could it be? Hereditary? Poor diet? Bad luck? Stress? Climate change? https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/20095656/wimbledon-champion-todd-woodbridge-heart-attack/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebarweb This comes just months after fellow Australian athlete Shane Warne passed away after suffering a heart attack, aged 52. Warne had urged Australians to get vaccinated in September, 2021. Just days ago, […]

Irony: Greens Now Praying For A “Warmer” Winter To Help Germany Survive Energy Crisis

Share this… Facebook TwitterWhen the German Greens need an energy crisis bailout, suddenly warming is welcome. Normally the climate alarmists are convinced that a warming planet can only be bad for us, no matter where or when. They complain that the summers are too hot and we no longer get cold and snowy winters like […]

Germany’s Green Party In Die Straits, Isolates It’s hapless Leader In Run Up To Lower Saxony Elections

Share this… Facebook TwitterFrom most loved, to most hated…audiences are drowning out Green Party speakers at campaign rallies.  The German Greens, who are partners with the SPD socialists in Germany’s government, are sinking dramatically in the public opinion polls as it becomes clear Green Party leader and Economics Minister Robert Habeck is driving the country’s […]

Cardiologist Aseem Malhotra Gives Ray Of Hope In The Face Of Widespread Corrupt Science

Share this… Facebook TwitterClimate science has a lot of similarities with the science surrounding COVID prevention and treatment. Both are awash with glaring contradictions, absurdities, corruption, censorship, propaganda, scientific bullying and coercion. But now one leading voice has courageously changed his mind and come out against the controversial vaccines. “A reanalysis of randomised control trial […]

Germany’s “Tenfold Increase In Gas And Electricity Prices” Is Driving Out Industry

Share this… Facebook TwitterEurope’s energy policy is creating jobs – for USA   What leaves once, will not come again. While energy prices in Europe are going through the roof, they remain moderate in the USA. This will have serious consequences for energy-intensive industries. The Wall Street Journal (paid article) is already rubbing its hands together […]

Power Grid Expert: “99.9% Chance” Germany Will See Blackout… “Civil War” Unless People Prepare

Share this… Facebook TwitterA German electrical engineer, power grid expert, warns of 99.9% chance of power blackout…”civil war” if people don’t prepare…describes horror scene.  Plundering, unhindered crime, mayhem…raw survival  Online Bild TV interviewed Robert Jungnischke, an “expert on blackouts” to discuss the probability of a major blackout hitting Germany over the coming fall and winter […]

Top German Virologist, Hendrik Streeck, "Does NOT Want To Be Vaccinated Against Corona Again!

Top German Virologist, Hendrik Streeck, “Does NOT Want To Be Vaccinated Against Corona Again!

Share this… Facebook TwitterAll the health woes surrounding the mRNA Covid vaccines and broken promises are leading people to become more wary of getting regularly injected. Now leading German virologist Hendrick Streeck has openly come out and said he will not being getting a fourth shot. Bild online daily reports: He has decided AGAINST it: Hendrik […]

Wave Of German Insolvencies Picks Up Speed…”Tenfold Increase In Gas, Electricity Prices”

Share this… Facebook TwitterAs Germany’s electricity and natural gas prices soar, a wave of companies – some having a long tradition – are filing insolvency. Many midsize companies rely on natural gas as a source of energy, but prices have multiplied since early this year. Blackout News here reports toilet paper maker Hakle has filed […]

Heating With Green Energies May Come With Brutal Reality Check… Scientists Warned Of Global Cooling

Share this… Facebook TwitterThe following comment by Allan MacRae has been upgraded to a post: PREDICTIONS OF GLOBAL COOLING, IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER SINCE 2003: In 2003, Dr. Theodor Landscheidt wrote a paper predicting serious global cooling: “… a long period of cool climate with its coldest phase around 2030 is to be expected.” … In […]

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