2 Months Of Blogging

I started this blog on April 1st. In April I got just over 8000 visits, and in May almost 28,000. Thanks readers!  I think I can allow myself a little indulgence of some sherry wood finish Glenmorangie to celebrate. I got a lot of help from Big Blog, i.e.  climatedepot, WUWT  and Bishop Hill. When these boys drop your name, you really […]

Dennis, Born To Be Wild (1936 -2010)

Star in Easy Rider

Pachauri And The Chicago Climate Exchange

Pachauri CCX advisory board member EIKE, the European Institute for Climate and Energy, a sponsor of the 4th ICCC in Chicago, has dug up a some information on the Chicago Climate Exchange CCX, where Maurice Strong and a host of other influential leftists are among its board members. When it comes to cap & trade, i.e. […]

Ivar Giaever – On Winning The Big Prize

Last week I featured Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis: http://pgosselin.wordpress.com/2010/04/05/the-clergy-says/ Though not as eccentric as Mullis, Norwegian mechanical engineer Ivar Giaever describes how he won the Nobel Prize in physics. In the following video link, he tells what he feels is important to win a Nobel Prize. His tips: 1. Give talks, don’t be afraid […]

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