Pachauri And The Chicago Climate Exchange

Pachauri CCX advisory board member

EIKE, the European Institute for Climate and Energy, a sponsor of the 4th ICCC in Chicago, has dug up a some information on the Chicago Climate Exchange CCX, where Maurice Strong and a host of other influential leftists are among its board members.

When it comes to cap & trade, i.e. emissions trading, we’re talking serious money here. According to Dr. Richard Sandor, an economist and CCX architect, cap-and-trade represents a $10 trillion per-year market.

Recognizing the enormous profit potential, Al Gore’s Generation Investment Management (GIM)  purchased a 10 percent stake in CCX and became the company’s fifth largest co-owner. Yet all this coziness shouldn’t surprise anyone.

But taking a closer look at the CCX Advisory Board, we find among the likes of Joe Kennedy, Ed Begly, Thomas Lovejoy – Rajendra Pachauri. It’s known that Pachauri has huge investments in carbon markets, but this is ridiculous. Talk about a scam. Yet another gate to add to the long list.

Conflict of interest? Nahhhh

Update: FYI, CCX Directors here and External Advisory Board members here.

8 responses to “Pachauri And The Chicago Climate Exchange”

  1. williek1

    Now that this has your attention, maybe you;ll consider the following: The one and only guy in the country that has been laying all this out in detail is Glenn Beck. All this info and more is right under our noses in dozens of places that you might think otherwise not to find it in. For months beck has laid this out in plain english on chalkboards for all to see- WITH explanations and texts and references. When will we get with the program and start to learn about the mechanism of a system that is poised to take us over?? You won’t find this in the MSM newsbits- They’re too busy making it look like everything is just peachy-keen. No, you’ll have to do a bit of keywork yourselves– better get to it before it’s too late- It may be already. we DON’T have to end like this. START TAKING BACK YOUR COUNTRY NOW– Learn- Act- Tell other folks– Show them the way– before it’s too late. After it’s gone it’s gone. Remember the Trade Center??- Don’t let that happen to our country. REMEMBER NOVEMBER

  2. Alan Cheetham

    All the CO2 credit-trading companies have major AGW insiders involved (although CCX is the most connected and Obama was involved in its startup). See:

    Obama is promoting forcing links to opposing views on the Internet – he said “If you’re a fan of Glenn Beck … try reading a few columns on the Huffington Post website.” See the last section in:

  3. DennisA

    For a full description of Pachauri and his colleagues’ involvement in carbon rewards, including Lord Stern, download the pdf and read it in full and also follow the eureferendum links within it. I think Glenn Beck picked up where others left off but more power to his elbow.

  4. DennisA
  5. P Gosselin

    Thanks Dennis,
    I’ve added this link to No. 44 of Gate Blowup.
    These guys really do have a lot at stake with cap&trade. There’s no way climate science is going to be done honestly in that kind of environment.

  6. Bernd Felsche

    This Maurice Strong is on the board of the CCX.

    “Oddly enough”, there’s no mention of the food-for-oil scandal in the CCX Director’s biography.

    See also

  7. williek1

    You guys are getting to the heart of the matter. If you dig a bit deeper you’ll find Obummer and his cohorts involved more that they want you to find out. Dont think the lamestream media will even go near this– They know what’s below the surface and they’ll make sure it gets no coverage. Hats off to the beckmiester for doing the chalkboard thing and shining the light on so much of it. LIGHT is something these libturds fear the most.

  8. Brian H

    You might like to take a look at the actual site. The price of offsets has collapsed last year from $7.60/ton to $0.10. Effectively, zero. Money talks, and walks. As soon as it became clear there would be no mandate to buy the worthless paper, it reverted to its base value. Nil.

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