German Industry Says: Take A Break!

The online German Der Spiegel reported yesterday here that the EU Commission wants to accelerate cuts in CO2 emissions, but industry and government officials are saying “no!”. With economies gripped by hardship and overall growing public scepticism (see here), calls for even more draconian measures to curb CO2 emissions are ringing hollow.

German Minister of Economics Rainer Bruederle says it’s time to take a break from efforts to protect the climate:

It accomplishes nothing for environmental protection when Europe goes it alone and jobs are sent to other regions of the world.

Werner Schnappauf, Director of the German Association of Industry adds:

As long as there is no international and legally binding climate protection treaty,  industry rejects increasing the climate reduction target from 20% to 30%. There are only disadvantages for both the climate and economy if Europe rushes and goes it alone.

      The EU wants to ratchet up the target from 20% to 30% less CO2 emissions than 1990 by 2020. Other leading German government officials think they can both appease the climate gods by making human sacrifices at the Altar of Climate, and at the same time boost the economy. German Minister of the Environment Norbert Roettgen and other EU environment ministers have said they want to go ahead and require the 30% target, with or without an international treaty.

It’s good for the environment and also for the incentive to innovate, from which the German industry would greatly profit.

      According to the EU Commission, a CO2 reduction of 30% by 2020 would lead to a 0.54% drop in GDP. Can’t these people think of ways to make our lives easier for a change?

2 responses to “German Industry Says: Take A Break!”

  1. Bernd Felsche

    They’re all quite delusional, you know. It really doesn’t make any difference by how much Germany reduces it’s CO2 emissions; other than to the future unemployed Germans. Reductions in EU emissions will hit the manufacturing countries the hardest; those which employ the people to create the actual wealth of the union.

    The Chancellor, Dr. Merkel should know (being a trained physicist) that CAGW is total nonsense. Yet power blinds many of those who seek to be elected to serve the country to serve themselves and their friends first.

    It seems to be common practice that when entering parliament as an elected representative of the people, to leave one’s morals and scruples in the cloak room.

    Politics is the art of ignorance. Of maintaining one’s own ignorance in the face of information that might diminish power and of promoting ignorance in the governed.

    In information parlance, there are three levels of knowledge: MUST know, SHOULD know and COULD know. In politics, there’s an extra one: MUST NOT know. And that deliberate ignorance is the source of power in politics.

  2. Emile Lawy

    The prophets of the Climate Change are taking us to the edge of the precipice.
    If we do not stop this lunacy we are going to fall
    head first.

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