Climate Control Plan “Dead – Crushed At The Ballot Box” Writes Guardian

The online Guardian frets that Obama’s schemes to curb “greenhouse” gases in the USA are dead, as “a slew of new climate change deniers” enter Congress. Read here Barack Obama’s green agenda crushed at the ballot box.

The whining and moaning by the Guardian is something to cherish and a must read.

Hopefully these new climate deniers joining Congress will slap USA lawmakers back awake to reality and get the government to focus on the real problems that demand immediate attention, like run-away deficits and  unemployment.

Even Obama now sees Crap & Trade as a useless venture.  The Guardian writes:

Obama in his post-election press conference indicated he was giving up on the idea of sweeping climate and energy legislation in the remaining two years of his term. He said he hoped to find compromise with Republicans on areas like fuel efficiency or electric cars. ‘Cap and trade was just one way of skinning the cat; it was not the only way,” he told reporters at the White House “I’m going to be looking for other means to address this problem.’

A little hope and change for Obama? Recall the change in direction by Bill Clinton in 1994. And here’s the part I like:

The new crop of Republican leaders in the house are way ahead of Palin, with plans for sweeping investigations of climate science and of Obama administration officials such as Lisa Jackson, who heads the EPA.

As far as the leaders are concerned, the science of climate change is far from settled. “We’re going to want to have a do-over,” Darrell Issa, a favourite to head the house oversight and investigations committee, told a recent interviewer.

Rep. Issa, let’s get it all out on the table where everyone can see it.

One response to “Climate Control Plan “Dead – Crushed At The Ballot Box” Writes Guardian”

  1. Paddy

    Obama is a serial liar. In his press conference he failed to mention that the EPA is going full speed ahead with draconian, economy killing regulations regarding every form of emission that effects air quality, including CO2. Its endangerment finding for CO2 is being challenged both administratively and judicially. Obama’s omission, coupled with his answer stating: “The EPA is under a court order that identifies greenhouse gases as a pollutant.” (paraphrase), is intended to mislead.

    The Court order he referred to is a decision of the US Supreme Court that determined that the EPA has the authority under the Clean Air Act to determine whether or not CO2 is a pollutant subject to regulation. The Court did not mandate the EPA to do anything.

    When writing about Obama, remember the real challenge is to be able to identify those rare occasions when he is truthful.

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