2010 Russian Heat Wave Was Only 20% Caused by “Climate Change”, Says Academy Of Sciences

Note there is no mention at all of “man-made” here.In the coming weeks Russian scientists plan to publish the results of their work on their investigation on the cause of the extremely hot 2010 Russian summer. This was reported yesterday in the German edition of Ria Novosti here.

The study was conducted by the Russian Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Control (Rosgidromet), headed by Alexander Frolow, and the Russian Academy of Sciences. Both organizations analyzed the summer weather anomaly.

Ria Novosti writes:

According to Frolow, the situation was influenced by a group of causes, among them a stubborn high pressure area and an unfavorable combination of ocean temperature anomalies. The situation in the European part of Russia was worsened by dry winds coming from other regions.

According to estimates by the scientists, this weather  anomaly was caused 20% by global climate change.

Note there is no mention in the Ria Novosti report of “man-made climate change” – only “climate change”. Since climate is always changing naturally, in sync with other cycles like ocean and solar cycles, evidence of a human greenhouse gas fingerprint as the cause would seem to be impossible to discern.

7 responses to “2010 Russian Heat Wave Was Only 207 Caused by “Climate Change”, Says Academy Of Sciences”

  1. R. de Haan

    The Academic of Science is making an ass of it’s self.
    A stain that will last for decades to come.

  2. DirkH

    O/T The Lizard Lady that happens to rule Oz is trying an eco-starvation experiment on hapless islanders. Tsk. That we Germans were not the first to think of something like this. Oh i forget – they have loads of German immigrant in Oz; mostly highly-educated nature lovers – IOW smug ecos. One of them must have had an idea.


    1. Bernd Felsche

      Those “highly-educated nature lovers” have been educated beyond reason and are migrating in response to the grants.

      Many residents of Norfolk Island are decendent of mutineers. They have the promise of money if they play the game. But it’s a game for fools.

      Pyrites for Norfolk Island.

  3. Alain

    note that some researchers attribute the locked cyclon/anti-cyclon (hih/low pressure) to blocked jetstream, which are typically more frequent in lower sun activity periods



    explained in french at

  4. 33noa333

    World is warming up.
    By nature for about 18000 years.
    Because of humans who knows ?
    What we can do about it.

    BETTER CLIMATE more energy, food, land and water.
    Use mighty power of nature. In the northwestern Australia, we have huge tides,
    huge evaporation and huge dry rivers and lakes.
    Tides are up to 12m. Evaporation is up to 4m per year and can be increased.
    Huge 12m tidal erosion can revive old dry paleo dormant once mighty rivers, creeks and lakes,
    desalinate the country and change deserts to rain forests to provide more rain across Australia.
    World population is growing rapidly and we need more energy, food, land and water.

    this will change deserts and whole continent for better climate
    environment, provide hydro energy, permanently.

  5. 33noa333

    For upgraded version 2012

    1. DirkH

      gov.au… so you’d like some Ossie taxpayer billions for your plan I guess.

      Good luck, parasite.

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