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2010 Russian Heat Wave Was Only 20% Caused by “Climate Change”, Says Academy Of Sciences

Note there is no mention at all of “man-made” here.In the coming weeks Russian scientists plan to publish the results of their work on their investigation on the cause of the extremely hot 2010 Russian summer. This was reported yesterday in the German edition of Ria Novosti here. The study was conducted by the Russian […]

3rd International Climate And Energy Conference, Berlin-Germany

3rd International Climate And Energy Conference, Berlin-Germany

This is the real deal, with speakers like Fred Singer, Nir Shaviv and Henrik Svensmark on the roster. More information here: 3rd International Energy and Climate Conference. This conference is taking place concurrently with the United Nations Conference of Climate in Cancún. But in Berlin, leading international scientists in the fields of climate and energy […]

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