Kilez The Climate Science Rapper Mobilizes Youth To Think For Themselves

More about More. Below is a short interview with Austrian rapper Kilez More.

More, 22, recently released a rap song/video called Climate Change (Climate Lies, Climate Swindle…), which features the IPCC, CRU and the hockey stick. Now how does a young rap artist know so much about such a complex issue, let alone write a skeptic rap song about it for the youth?

The song indeed is mobilizing the youth, not in masses, but it is a budding challenge. For that Kilez is becoming a sort of enfant terrible, persona non grata in Europe – who dares speak truth to power. I’ve since translated the German text to English, and Kilez has added the English subtitles to his Youtube video:

Of course it doesn’t rhyme in English – but it gives you the gist of what he’s rapping about.


The following is an interview with Kilez, about what motivated him to “take on the establishment”. He is an environmentalist fighting for cleaner air and water, eradication of poverty, animal abuse, etc. Some of his positions may be off the wall for some of us, but most of us will agree with his position that authority needs to be questioned, and that we ought not be complacent – especially young people on the subject of climate change.


NTZ: Most young people your age aren’t interested in climate change. What sparked your interest?
KM: Like with many issues, I approached it by questioning the “official stories”. I do my best to research and make sure I get both sides of the story. When I did this with “climate change” I realized it’s mostly a hoax.

NTZ: When did you have your first doubts?
KM: It was years ago I think when I read a few lines about it in a book – and this increased my attention. It was written that the “Club of Rome” decided a long time ago already, before anyone ever heard about it, that “climate” would be the thing for the future. So I started to search for answers on my own and this quickly got me really to what I think is now the truth. We had scares before in Germany and Austria – like with acid rain and forests dying. Here the scientists and mass media said all forests would die by the end of the century. Now it’s 2011 and everybody knows they were completely false.

NTZ: What led you to write a rap song about climate change?
KM: The topic is everywhere around and it’s crazy what’s going on, so I decided to do something, because no alternative story gets shown. Also in the school-books the children are learning this stuff. I think music is a good way to reach young people – so they maybe start to question the world around them and not to take everything implicitly. Up to now, I’ve read books about the climate-topic, and I pursued the “climategate” story. It all guided me to make a song about it.

NTZ: How does the public in Austria and Germany view climate change? Are people questioning it?
KM: I dont know how the situation is in your country, but in Germany and Austria different opinions don’t exist – it’s really weird how everyone thinks the same – everywhere it is accepted as a fact without any doubt.
That’s why people look at you as if your an idiot (or whatever) when you question it – but yes, critical thinking is increasing here. I recognize it myself, through my music and the resonance I get from listeners.
The music also leads me to very interesting people, journalists, politicians, and so on, and they all try to do their best to get people to think critically.

Kilez More

NTZ: When you perform, what is it you want your listeners to do? Why should they believe you?
KM: I always say with my songs I don’t want the listeners to believe everything I say – no,
that’s the wrong way. That would be the same wrong way as believing everything the newspapers or TV-shows are saying. The message is to think on your own, to search the truth by yourself and to speak out loud against unfairness and lies.

– End –

14 responses to “Kilez The Climate Science Rapper Mobilizes Youth To Think For Themselves”

  1. mindert eiting

    Beautiful. This is about the parents of his generation. I know some of them from my environment. Nice people but they deserve this, the more since they once were the rebellious generation.

    1. Nonoy Oplas

      Yes, this guy KM is fantastic at such a young age. Just by telling his audience to be skeptical, even with his own songs, that’s driving home the scientific mind.

  2. R. de Haan

    The bad is happening already:

    Accelerating famine and the transformation of tropical forests into palm oil farms

    This represents the biggest onslaught on nature and our civilization in human history.
    The Green Agenda is an evil agenda.

    Boycott any airline using bio fuels and please elect the right people in Government next time.

  3. DirkH

    New World Order a conspiracy theory? Not anymore.
    UN advocates global energy rationing (and thus, a global end to free markets):

    1. DirkH

      This explains why all the hare-brained Green political schemes are always extremely uneconomical. THEY DON’T CARE. THEY’LL DESTROY THE MARKETS ANYWAY.

  4. DirkH

    New wonder fuel: Carbazol; or more precisely N-Ethylcarbazol, a molecule that can purportedly store hydrogen and release it again for use in H2 cars. So it’s a kind of carrier.

    Interestingly it was used in Blaukreuz (Blue Cross) grenades during chemical warfare in WW I. Oh great, our eco cars will be rolling poison gas containers!

    Green schemes, don’t you just love’em.

  5. cementafriend

    Saw a reference to the Kilez video on It seems that some there did not appreciate it and the reminder about past acceptance of dubious authority.

  6. Asim

    “Kilez The Climate Science Rapper”

    I have to admit I wasn’t expecting to see Climate Change associated with rap EVER, it’s quirky to see the two associated! It seems like having a creative mind stops you falling for “groupthink” and lets you question the status quo.

    Thanks Pierre for following up on this story, it was a good read.

  7. Mas

    Great rap and great guy. He’s probably 100% right too.

    Thanks for the subtitles and this version needs to go viral across the English speaking world for maximum effect as it simply encapsulates the incredible brainwashing and stupidity of the whole AGW movement which is doing more untold damage and pain to the people of the Earth than their worst fantasy nightmare scenarios of alleged AGW ever would. Higher food and energy prices for billions for absolutely no serious scientific reason at all. It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic. Only the Earth is Flat ideas of a few hundred years ago will prove to be a bigger pseudo-scientific costly mistake perpetrated on mankind.

    1. DirkH

      The “Flat Earth” idea was actually a fringe idea even in medieval times. Sailors since the antiquity knew it was round. When Columbus planned his expedition,
      “But in reality, the issue in the 1490s was not the shape of the Earth, but its size, and the position of the east coast of Asia, as Irving in fact points out.”

      A better comparison for AGW would be the Piltdown Man. (striking resemblance to Mann’s Hockey Stick)

  8. Joe Veragio

    Fantastic. This guys coming from the same place as Monckton, with his ” don’t believe a thing I say but do go & check it out for yourselves”.

    Too many kids like to think they’re thinking for themselves, but there are just too many adults around who’ve been at it for longer, outsmarting them.

  9. Joe Veragio

    Dirk H. @ 19.06.

    Piltdown Man !

    Yes, a total fraud. Perfect analogy.

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