Der Spiegel: No Deal – Durban Sinks Into Chaos (It’s Over!)

We’re hearing about clandestine evil deals being made in Durban and that the UN may indeed emerge as the global Führer soon. Rubbish!

Der Spiegel reports here that Durban threatens to sink into chaos.

According to Der Spiegel, a new paper had been drafted overnight and included things like “warming will be limited to 2°C, even 1.5°C” and that “by 2050 greenhouse gas emissions will be cut back 50 to 85 percent compared to 1990” and that developing countries “will be obligated to cut back projected emissions growth by 2020 by 15 to 30 percent”.

Rumours are out claiming they’re closing in on a deal and that our liberty is about to end. But fear not. Der Spiegel, who have well-embedded reporters in Durban, writes:

In any case, a deal will not happen. In paragraph 47 of the paper, which looks at financial aid for developing countries, it is stated: The payments will be ‘equal to the budget that the industrial country has for defence, security and war.'”

We all know that Europe does very little in defence and military. That would mean the US would have to pay just about everything. If Obama accepted this, it would be a Jonestown-scale political suicide by the US Democratic Party. Even the biggest leftists in the US could hardly fantasize such a massive transfer of wealth by a single country. The condition is a set-up to force the USA to reject it – and thus take the blame again.

Der Spiegel writes:

That passage will certainly be deemed as completely unacceptable by the US: The country would not only have to make the money it spends on defence available, but also additional billions that it spends on war. Just the Afghanistan operation costs the USA 100 billion per year.”

Dear readers – Durban has moved to Kooksville, and they just want to end this circus, blame the US, and go home. You’ll hear about a little something here, of a little deal there, some commitment here, etc. But in the end it’s all nothing.

Every year it’s the same. They draft something so unfair that the US can’t accept, then they all blame the US for the failure. I wonder why the US even bothers showing up at all.

The clowns are headed back home and the circus is moving to the next town.


13 responses to “Der Spiegel: No Deal – Durban Sinks Into Chaos (It’s Over!)”

  1. R. de Haan

    Latest extortion attempt from Durban COP17: $1.6 Trillion F A I L E D

    They won’t get it

    Sack Black

  2. DirkH

    Pierre, the US spends 48% of global military spending, but the EU also 20%; that’s not nothing.

    I maintain that this UN setup is intended to give the kleptocratic dictatorships that make up the bulk of the UN’s body equal access to funds so that any future war between developed and “developing” world will be long, drawn out, and massively expensive.

    It’s a ruse, it will not pass, but whoever wrote it into the document knew what he was doing.

  3. Casper

    I think you should update your topic:,1518,802979,00.html
    It’s not over. It is just the beginning 😉

    1. DirkH

      Due to shutdown of Eastern Europe heavy industries, the EU has more or less fullfilled Kyoto. So Hedegaard and Röttgen come across as self-loathing flagellants but it’s just a show.

      The only ones who still need to kill a lot of their industry and wealth are NZ and AUS. Maybe they’re mad enough to do it. Not our problem.

      1. DirkH

        As you see, all the Eastern EU countries have profited via being able to sell excess carbon credits. (Germany as well, a bit). One can say that that was a way the EU channeled some economic help towards rebuilding those countries. Even without Kyoto such economic help would probably have been necessary.

        It’s a pity the Canadians sensed the trap! 😉

  4. Ed Caryl

    It’s only justice that they blame the US for the Durban failure. The US is to blame for the CAGW fraud in the first place.

  5. mindert eiting

    Perhaps Ecotretas may keep an eye on the carbon market. Because it is not based on anything substantial a collapsing belief should become visible in the graphics.

    1. DirkH

      Kyoto Phase 2 2008-2012 carbon credits. Not trading ATM. Wait til Monday.

  6. DirkH

    English article by Deutsche Welle, a few minutes ago,,15593531,00.html
    EU suggests a Kyoto 2 and tries to drag developing countries into it.
    “There will be no call to vote at Durban, and concensus is required for any motion to be adopted. ”
    US announces that it will be hard work to convince Congress (Ha Ha).
    So it will all end pretty meaningless, but with nice sounding sentences, just like COP15.

  7. Brian H

    There is no industrialized nations Carbon Debt. See the JAXA IBUKI satellite map, just released, which shows the industrialized West is a net CO2 sink, and the developing countries a major source.

    So if CO2 emission is evil and must be compensated for, the poorest countries of the world must cough up, big time.

  8. Nonoy Oplas

    I think govt climate bureaucrats, NGO climate rent-seekers, many other climate scammers, just want some alibi to have regular global junkets. Even if there will be no Kyoto 2, they will still meet and party in some exotic places and hotels, paid for by taxpayers, each year, or each quarter.

  9. mwhite

    “The European Union will place its current emission-cutting pledges inside the legally-binding Kyoto Protocol, a key demand of developing countries.”

    1. DirkH

      “The European Union will place its current emission-cutting pledges inside the legally-binding Kyoto Protocol, a key demand of developing countries.”

      “Will”? make that a “maybe sometime”.
      “The process” is a total comedy, amongst other things they agreed to extend Kyoto NEXT YEAR. So our self-flagellant actors Hedegaard and Röttgen were not even given the competence for extending it now by Merkozy. In other words: 1 month before kyoto expirs will there be a decision whether it will be extended. Guess what, they will let it die. Finally. Phew. More sanity than I thought. Total capitulation for the Warmists.

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