Mann’s End

Chris Horner posted a video on Facebook a few a hours ago where he reviews and brings us up to date on the efforts by the University of Virginia faculty to defy the law of the land by refusing to release taxpayer-owned documents surrounding Climategate.

There must be some something really embarrassing that needs to stay hidden, no matter the cost, as Mann and the faculty appear awfully desperate in their attempts to defy the Freedom of Information Act. Chris Horner states at the 12:18 mark:

Those people who don’t like us asking for the records have a problem with the law, and they have a problem with the University of Virginia complying.”

Mann and the faculty are applying a pressure campaign against the University in order to keep the public records under wraps. Horner:

The UVA said to us that they find themselves in a very difficult position with their faculty. And we pointed out to them that this difficult position they find themselves in is between their faculty and the law.”

And judging from Steve McIntyre’s latest post, Mann’s desperation is visible throughout his book, and reveals a person on the verge of losing it. Whenever you start getting paranoid ideas that the fossil fuel industry is and is out to get you by orchestrating a few blog sites, then you really have got to wonder. Not only has Mann run out of lies, but he is resorting to re-lying, as McIntyre points out. Mann s becoming a serious embarrassment to Jefferson’s university.


5 responses to “Mann’s End”

  1. mwhite

    And see what the CRU has been spending tax payers money on

    “University spent £112,000 on Climategate media advice”

  2. GregO

    There is a lot of government provided public funding for the likes of Mann in the US and I would imagine some of the money is well-spent to the degree that ideas are being explored in atmospheric and earth sciences. I would posit that if those sorts of studies aren’t publicly funded, no one would fund them. What’s the immediate payback.

    The trouble is that there is too much money – billions of dollars – sloshing around in Universities and government agencies for Global Warming studies and models and bad players have gotten hold of a lot of these funds. It’s like the entire Global Warming scam has gotten itself well-funded enough that the sociopaths and sharks have taken over the game and are in the process of pushing out the real scientists and researchers.

    That book by Mann sounds like a silly he-said-she-said Hollywood tattler more than like anything to do remotely with science.

  3. DirkH

    It’s sad that we need a “Director Of Litigation” to force a university to comply with the law; but it’s good that we have one and that it’s Chris Horner.

  4. Edward.

    When Mann’s work reaches the light of day.

    I believe these data sets will reveal just how little Mann knows of basic arithmatic and computational procedure, the actual data will also exhibit the great mystery [AGW] as a red herring – the anthropomorphic signal in the mild warming since the LIA: is not detectable because it does not exist.

    E. Mann, a charlatan.

  5. JWR

    I have been wondering about this CO2 business. And they all come up with computer programs of which the details are not published.
    So I started myself, as a retired computational engineer dealing with the safe extraction of heat from the core of nuclear reactors, to make models of the admosphere.
    I was very much inspired by the papers of Claes Johnson: “heat is not flowing from cold to warm”.
    I started with a one slab representation of the atmosphere. I found the same temperature distribution for both the theory of “two way heat flow” and the one of “one way heat flow”.
    But it turned out thet the formulation of the “two way heat flow” , as used by IPPC gave sprurious absorption, as compared to the correct way, dictated by the second law of thermodynamics, of “one way heat flow” as advocated by Claes Johnson.
    One applying the correct “one way heat flow”to the atmosphere it turned out that the so-called K&T heat balances are based on a wrong theory, on its turn based on wrong interpretations of measurements by NASA.
    Eveybody who is interested to get my MATLAB program, please send me an email.

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