Richard Muller Is A Fake, German Der Spiegel Magazine Writes

It seems that parts of the German mainstream media are becoming more cautious with the information warmist scientists feed them.

For example Axel Bojanowski of Der Spiegel here writes a report about Richard Muller’s “CALL me a converted skeptic” opinion piece that appeared in the “New York Times”, which the German and international warmist media gleefully pounced upon.

But Bojanowski took a deeper look at Muller and discovered that all is not well with the “converted skeptic”, writing:

However, looking more closely, the showstopper turned out to be a fake: Namely, with Muller, it turns out he is not in any way a former skeptic who just changed his mind. Already in 2003 he wrote in ‘Technology Review’, that his opinion was that ‘carbon dioxide as a gas emitted from fossil fuels is the biggest polluter in the history of man.’ It is likely that CO2 will ‘have severe and detrimental effects on global climate’.”

Bojanowski then brings up Muller’s BEST study and his claims that global surface temperatures have risen 1°C over the last 50 years and that if CO2 continues to rise in China unhindered, the climate could warm another 1°C in the next 20 years. To this Bojanowski adds:

Climate scientist Judith Curry of Georgia Institute of Technology in the USA however wanted nothing to do with this conclusion and refused to have her name as one of the authors of the Best-Project. Curry has made a name for herself as a ‘climate realist’ – she is fighting against the polarization of climate science by ‘skeptics’ and ‘alarmists’.

When influential media outlets like Spiegel start taking a second look, you can pretty much guess what’s in the pipeline for the months and years ahead. Indeed the global warming scare has its best days behind it.

In a way, this is Der Spiegel indirectly slapping down the New York Times.


9 responses to “Richard Muller Is A Fake, German Der Spiegel Magazine Writes”

  1. Pascvaks

    “Slap!” “Punch!” “Kick!” “Stomp!”
    Now for the Coup in d’Gras..
    Der Spiegel has stopped playing around!
    The NYTimes is toast!

    Well that’s the way it is Sports Fans
    8 August 2012
    And you were there!

    Thanks PG!;-)

    1. DirkH

      “Der Spiegel has stopped playing around!”
      No, that’s a delusion; the other members of the hivemind are still as warmist as the NYT and The Grauniad combined. Bojanowski is tolerated because the others are liberal arts types and can’t replace him.

      Mark my words. Wait for warmist hysteria from the liberal arts types at Der Spiegel in 3..2..1..

      BTW, it’s easy to notice. The smear pieces have as author “Spiegel-Mitarbeiter”. (Spiegel worker). They never tell their names. An anonymous collective. Bojanowski is one of the few who has a name.

  2. DirkH

    Bojanowski is their geology guy. And that’s the one part of Der Spiegel that doesn’t stink. His reports about volcanoes etc. are top notch.

  3. Pierre Gosselin: Richard Muller Is A Fake, German Der Spiegel Magazine Writes |

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  4. Sceptical Me

    Thanks for bringing this article to our attention.
    Sadly it doesn’t appear in Der Spiegel’s English web edition, which I always follow for its excellent articles.

  5. Mindert Eiting

    I already gave my opinion why Muller is an impostor. This time, thanks Pierre, for the beautiful photograph. If you have time, read the article about storks and births in Berlin. It tells the whole story.

  6. Brian H

    Muller is good at spiking nonsense others produce. His opinion of his own work and ethics, however … Isn’t there an adage about a speck in your brother’s eye, while there’s a log in your own?

    His characterization of Gore as a hyper-alarmist version of “skepic” really bolloxed the Disciple, Rosenberg!

    As an advisor to Presidents, I suppose he’d be better than Holdren. [This is known as damning with faint praise, in case you missed it!]

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