Governor “Jim Jones” Shumlin Leads Vermont To Environmental Mass Suicide – “An Incredible Tragedy”

The following video makes it clear why Peter Elliott Shumlin is one of the dumbest, if not the dumbest, governors in America. That’s a pretty tough accomplishment with states like Oregon, California and Maryland in the field.

Video of what the wind industry is doing to my home state. Sheffield and Lowell Mountain are only a few miles from my hometown. Climate activists in Vermont, once big proponents of wind, are now shocked and aghast. Video source:

Shumlin thinks that reducing Vermont’s fossil energy consumption (which is not even measurable on a global scale) by a couple of percentage points will lead to a gentle climate for his state and prevent flooding there (2:25). Watch the video! I don’t know if he’s a swindler, or a complete moron.

So radical Shumlin is when it comes to protecting the climate with windmills that he has become an environmental Jim Jones who is ready to lead the state to commit mass environmental suicide.

And like the followers of Jim Jones, many Vermonters believed, and they all lined up behind the Jim Jones Shumlin’s wind energy movement – cheering on the army of wind turbine builders that would soon invade the state and disfigure it permanently – thinking it would bring them salvation. Today they are shocked and horrified. They now realise the punch is spiked with death.

The video above interviews an entire series of opponents, many are kooky environmentalists, some openly admitting they had been duped by the windpower pipe-dream (e.g. see 7:45 mark). They were all conned by Al Gore’s AIT film. They were all suckered by the “consensus” science that never was. They were manipulated by the media and politicians. And in a state of panic, they all thought something had to be done quickly.

Although many have since woken up to the true horror of the wind energy punch brewed by Shumlin, most are still convinced of man-made climate change. This is because they have been too lazy (or too damn stupid) to actually take a look at the hard data of historical climate.

How can people get so nutty? That’s the question that we often ask about Nazi Germany, isn’t it? It has to do with group-think reaching a certain tipping point. Eventually madness loses its brakes and turns into a runaway train that can’t be stopped. That’s what happened in Vermont.

Let’s recall that Vermont gave Obama something like 68% of the vote in 2008 (the greatest of all 50 states). So when that level of political onesidedness (cluelessness) grips a state, it’s little wonder that really dumb things like Shumlin can happen. The state lost its brakes. The state didn’t used to be that way. Things started to get especially bad after I left 30+ years ago.

Today the tiny state of Vermont is busy permanently altering and industrialising 200 miles of mountain ridgelines with 500-foot wind turbines – thinking this will rescue the planet. This, if allowed to continue, will turn the state into an environmental catastrophe of Soviet dimensions. What will Vermonters gain from it all the sacrifice? A theoretical cooling of the global climate by 0.0000000000041°C over the next 100 years. They’ll still have to buy flood insurance.

Fortunately, it is not only in Vermont that people are sobering up from their drugged green stupor and are starting to focus on the consequences of their runaway collective madness:

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    1. Nah, they’re talking about maybe doing something sometime.
      We should already approach 20 bn EUR redistribution this year alone. Next year will be more. So that’s 250 EUR per man, woman and child. To be paid, a third each, via
      a) higher electricity prices
      b) taxes/public debt
      c) higher product prices
      (because electricity is used to a third by households, a third by commerce, a third by public sector)
      (This concept is too complicated for journalists to understand so they never present it that way.)

      That’s one of the many ways our governments steal our money. Ironically, introduced by the leftists who always maintain they want to steal from the rich, yet, only b) rises progressively with income.

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