Leading Austrian Climatologist Reinhard Böhm Dead – Authored Over 150 Papers On Climate And Glaciers

It saddens us to report that prominent Austrian climatologist Reinhard Böhm has died unexpectedly, Der Spiegel reports. He was 64.

Leading Austrian climate scientist Reinhard Böhm (64) dies. (Photo source: ZAMG)

News of his death was made public by the Central Office for Meteorology and Geodynamics in Vienna (ZAMG).

Spiegel calls him the “father of Austrian climate science” and that he was one of the most important worldwide.

‘The personal and professional loss can hardly be expressed by words,’ says Michael Staudinger, Director of the ZAMG.”

Böhm was an independent thinker, and he advised his students to be critical and to not accept anything at face value. He worked at the ZAMG since 1973 and authored or co-authored more than 150 papers about climate in the Alps and glaciers.

For Böhm, the key to science was to always be skeptical and critical. Spiegel quotes Böhm:

‘Don’t let anyone tell you we know enough,’ he told laypersons. ‘Always question the science, be skeptical, and check everything that I claim,’ said Böhm.”

According to Spiegel, he bristled at the notion of politicians rescuing the planet and detested the politicization of climate science, refusing to participate in political debates, saying: “I don’t know the first thing about rescuing the planet. For that I am not an expert”.

Spiegel adds:

His critical view often contradicted the modern opinion on environmental topics. The renowned scientist never backed down, always distrusting every ideological, pre-concluded science.”

Last May I wrote about a study which he had authored where he found that weather extremes in the Alps had not increased.

Another great one has left us. Rest in peace.

3 responses to “Leading Austrian Climatologist Reinhard Böhm Dead – Authored Over 150 Papers On Climate And Glaciers”

  1. Sparks

    My regards to his family and friends!

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