University Of Graz Apologizes…Yet Left Parncutt’s Hate Speech And Death Penalty List Link Up At Site For 2 Months!

A reader sent an e-mail to the University of Graz concerning Prof Richard Parncutt’s call for the death penalty (see following figure) for those who dare to doubt IPCC climate dogma.

Snipped from:

Here’s the reply the reader got from the University of Graz by email today:

Die Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz ist bestürzt und entsetzt über die Ansicht und distanziert sich davon klar und deutlich. Die Universität legt größten Wert, dass die Wahrung aller Menschenrechte zu den obersten Prinzipien der Universität Graz gehört und menschenverachtende Aussagen mit aller Entschiedenheit zurückgewiesen werden. Die Universität weist zusätzlich mit Nachdruck darauf hin, dass eine rein persönliche Ansicht, die nicht im Zusammenhang mit der wissenschaftlichen Arbeit steht, auf universitären Webseiten nicht toleriert wird.

The University of Graz is shocked and appalled by the article und rejects its arguments entirely. The University places considerable importance on respecting all human rights and does not accept inhuman statements. Furthermore, the University of Graz points out clearly that a personal and individual opinion which is not related to scientific work cannot be tolerated on websites of the University.

Helmut Konrad

Dean, Faculty of Humanities and the Arts”

You can read the entire correspondence over at death-to-deniers/.

It is somewhat reassuring that the University of Graz is “shocked and appalled” by Prof. Parncutt’s views. But I have one little question: Why was this “inhuman” speech “tolerated” by the University for 2 months!

That is not very reassuring.

Parncutt’s “long list of climate change deniers” , i.e his designated candidates for the death penalty, he links to at the above shown site is happily provided by desmogblog.

Hate speech and this sort of incitement is illegal in some countries. Richard Parncutt and the University of Graz could be open to some serious legal challenges here, especially by those who find themselves on the “long list of climate change deniers” linked at Parncutt’s death penalty page. They may have grounds for a serious grievance here.

If I were on that list, I’d feel pretty damn threatened, let alone pissed off.

Parncutt’s site:

The only way out I see for the University of Graz is for them to clearly demonstrate that they welcome differing opinions and an open discussion on the subject of climate change. They could start by inviting professors and speakers who have views that differ from those of the IPCC and Prof Parncutt. That is what true academia is supposed to be about.

That’s only for starters.


13 responses to “University Of Graz Apologizes…Yet Left Parncutt’s Hate Speech And Death Penalty List Link Up At Site For 2 Months!”

  1. Juergen Uhlemann

    Richard Parncutt’s information page is updated.


    Anything that has nothing to do with his job is gone.

  2. Ike

    Just singed me in into Parcutts recomended 😉 Thats my username…haha

  3. ColdOldMan

    There’s a link, on WUWT, to another article he wrote calling for the Pope to be executed as well.

    I’m not in any way religious but I find all this sort of stuff very disquieting.

  4. Greg

    I’m growing increasingly cynical these days. Therefore I expect that the Uni actually supports this degenerate fellows rant, but they’re looking for a way to spin it to cover their asses.

  5. Bernd Felsche

    Regarding the University’s rights to have Parncutt remove those comments:
    He is/was their employee, using the University’s resources. They have every right (and indeed legal obligation) to control what appears on their web site; including what is with the “personal” pages of staff and students.

    Parncutt can get web space outside of the University to extol the virtues of His Struggle. The fact that he didn’t publish his personal ideology by such means already says a great deal about the man’s outlook.

    While Lord Monckton may be satisfied now that the incitement has been removed (, he is IMHO incorrect in stating that the matter is closed.

    If a crime has occurred, then an apology is not a replacement for due process.

  6. DirkH

    Well, the warmists have demanded Nuremberg trials for skeptics for ages now. Parncutt probably got used to the lunatic rethoric over at their side of the debate and didn’t even notice that he’s long since lost it. Semantic drift if you will.

    All that I want is that he and the warmists pseudo scientists get fired, never get hired into the public sector again and are made to pay for the economic damage they’ve done.

    I think that’s perfectly justifiable.

    1. DirkH

      Oh and maybe a rubber room for the rabid ones.

  7. papertiger

    Now, now. Parncutt said he is sorry.

    1. DirkH

      Apology accepted; now, stop giving him more taxpayer money. Well, it’s the Austrian’s problem, of course. but generally speaking, and of course purely theoretical, as today’s nations freely redistribute money at their whim: My tax money buys services (in theory). Therefore, do I think that Parncutt provides a service or that he is a person from which I would accept a service? Not in a lifetime.

      Now, fire him and let him figure out what he can do to make a living. I know this won’t happen, and I know I can’t make it happen. But it would be the right thing to happen. See I am not a burden on a taxpayer; he is.

    2. DirkH

      I’ve seen the list of grants he got in his “musicologist” career, BTW. I am not sure it is the duty of the taxpayers to fund any of this (but they did, without being asked). There are many fine musicians, composers and songwriters who surely never bothered to validate their creations by the virtue of the science of musicology. If he wants to get paid to ponder the psychological effects of a dissonant interval or whatever it is he does he’d be out of luck with me.

  8. Jeremy Poynton

    University of DisGRAZe

  9. Ike
  10. Hugh K

    That is good news indeed Ike. Sadly, it will be a cold day in ‘The Teams’ created hell on earth when the establishment media in the US reports this truthful characterization of the warmanistas’ despicable behavior.

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