University Of Graz “Death To Deniers!” Professor Richard Parncutt Calls For The Execution Of Pope Benedict

It’s nice to see that academia in Austria is getting more and more tolerant with every passing day. In fact we haven’t seen this level of tolerance in about 70 years.

University of Graz Professor Richard Parncutt. Photo source: Uni-Graz./

There’s been much buzz in the blogs recently about the seemingly psychotic music professor calling for the death penalty for skeptics of IPCC science. He claims that by being skeptical of climate science, we are hindering necessary policy measures that will supposedly prevent the deaths of hundreds of millions of future people. A figure the loony prof calls “conservative”.

Parncutt also wants to have the Pope executed

Reader Quinn over at WUWT now brings our attention to a report on how Prof Richard Parncutt has also called for the execution of the head of the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict. WND Faith website here writes:

‘The pope and perhaps some of his closest advisers should be sentenced to  death,’ wrote Richard Parncutt, a music teacher at the University of Graz,  Austria.

Parncutt must have an affinity for recommending the death penalty, as WND reported only a day earlier that  Parncutt was labeled the ‘Green Weenie of the Year’ for also recommending in a blog post that those who don’t believe in global warming should be executed.

Now, according to a report from,  Parncutt also has put the pope down on his list of those to be eliminated.

The report said Parncutt wrote, ‘I am talking about the current pope, because his continuing refusal to make a significant change to the church’s position on  contraception will certainly result in millions of further unnecessary deaths  from AIDS in the future.'”


9 responses to “University Of Graz “Death To Deniers!” Professor Richard Parncutt Calls For The Execution Of Pope Benedict”

  1. Ed Caryl

    This guy needs some anger management therapy!

  2. Mindert Eiting

    Comfort ye my people. Skeptics and the Pope must be very powerful that they have to be killed. No winners without losers.

  3. If you believe Green Energy/Global Warming is a lie then you should be EXECUTED!!!!…..Austrian Prof. says…………. « The Big Green Lie

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  4. thebiggreenlie

    Why isn’t this nut case in prison on terrorist charges?????

  5. DirkH

    His logic is to kill people who kill future people. Strangely enough he doesn’t mention abortion. That could land him in hot water with his globalist friends.

  6. Kevin R. Lohse

    Before people get carried away, Parncutt is in fact an Australian. I’m certain many Austrians will be horrified with his sentiments.

    1. DirkH

      Hey, we know, nobody blames you Austrians. Except for paying him.

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