Europe Shock Freeze…Catastrophe Winter Continues…German Televison Warns: “Coldest Night In 100 Years”!

Boy, this sure is some warming!

German RTL television online reports on the nasty wave of bitter cold now currently gripping Germany and Eastern Europe. The report’s title: “Germany Continues To Shiver: Coldest Night In 100 Years Threatens.”

Cold_NOAA photo

Europe gripped by ice age conditions – in the springtime! Photo credit: NOAA

The report’s photo caption reads:

Winter this year simply just doesn’t want to leave. Now the coldest night in 100 years threatens.”

I was out today for a walk. Although here the temperature read -2°C, the strong wind from the Northeast cut into you like a knife – it’s horrendous. To me it felt like -20°C. It’s going to get worse before better. RTL reports it’s going to get even colder in the days ahead:

Tonight in some cities again new cold records will be set for March. While the Brocken has already shattered the old record of -13.9°C  (21 March 1980) with a reading of -14,5°C, in other cities like Berlin it could be the coldest night in over 100 years.”

To be fair, they mean the coldest March temperatures in a 100 years.

RTL also writes that also Great Britain “has been transformed into a winter wonderland” with “thousands of schools closing in Ireland on Friday.”
Motorists had to be rescued from highways as cars were trapped in drifting snow.

In the city of Kiev in Ukraine a half meter of snow fell during a snow storm that hit Friday night. Officials have declared a state of emergency for the city’s 3 million inhabitants.

Read: Deutschland bibbert weiter: Kälteste Nacht seit 100 Jahren droht – at


15 responses to “Europe Shock Freeze…Catastrophe Winter Continues…German Televison Warns: “Coldest Night In 100 Years”!”

  1. DirkH

    “Although here the temperature read -2°C, the strong wind from the Northeast cut into you like a knife – it’s horrendous.”

    Same here in Braunschweig. Saw some seriously quivering people at bus stops. Braunschweig is at the southern edge of the flat Northern plain, rolling hills (moraines) start south of it, so we get that wind from Northeast as well.

  2. stephen richards

    Ah, stopping moaning it’s only 20°C here in SW France. 🙂 he, heh.

    All that global warming. It just gets you right in the wallet. (porte-monai)

  3. Jimbo

    It’s still looking bad in the UK. Snowfall was meant to be a thing of the past. Now the very same newspaper reports the following a few hours ago.

    UK weather: Heavy snow and strong winds cause travel chaos for thousands as cars and vans are completely buried

    Winter storms believed to have already claimed the life of one woman
    Forecasters warned that this month could be the coldest March in 50 years, with the mercury struggling to inch above zero across swathes of the country…….

  4. thebiggreenlie

    Where’s Al Gore?

    1. Juergen Uhlemann

      He is trying everything to destroy climate change denial with

      What a joke.
      It’s a copy and paste job to respond with standard text like:
      “The sun is responsible for a lot — like sustaining life. But humans are responsible for the global warming we see today.

  5. “Earth Hour lovers” won’t like this bit of REALITY! | The Big Green Lie

    […] Europe Shock Freeze…Catastrophe Winter Continues…German Televison Warns: “Coldest Night In 100… […]

  6. Bernd Felsche

    There’s also the “small” matter of the UK’s Sellafield nuclear power plant shutting down because of the extreme cold.

    Yeah … put out the fires because it’s too cold. That makes sense. I assume that the “10,000” employed by Sellafield is a trojan number; and nothing like the number of people actually needed to run a NPP.

    They’ll probably bitch and whine because water pipes will have burst due to freezing.

    1. DirkH

      You need a hundred to run one, and 2,000 during a revision (every two years for a month; plant gets new fuel, shut down during that time, and 2,000 technicians and engineers and inspectors check all the parts during that time).

      I guess the other 9,900 of the 10,000 are government parasites that get a nice cosy job doing nothing because they would otherwise starve in the streets.

  7. John F. Hultquist

    That lead photo by NOAA is not of “Europe gripped by ice age conditions.”
    Give us a link to local photos.

    Here is a story:

    . . . it’s a week old. I think it has not gotten better there.

    For a few USA photos, see here:

  8. Ulrich Elkmann

    So that’s what the start of the Eddy Minimum looks like…
    Does anyone look forward to the ice fairs on the Thames – or the Rhine – in the 2040?

  9. Ed Caryl

    It makes sense that if during warm periods winter temperatures increase the most, during cool periods winter temperatures decrease the most. For the people of Northern Europe, it will be a race between getting smart enough to elect governments that will keep them warm, or freezing to death. The proper choice, of course, is to elect governments that will get out of the way.

    1. DirkH

      “The proper choice, of course, is to elect governments that will get out of the way.”

      That would be a first. And would require a non-statist party running. Which there isn’t.

      1. Bernd Felsche

        What do you make of Partei der Vernunft other than the reality of it being so far away from populist politics as to be almost unelectable and even if they were elected, they couldn’t simply ship the statist machinery to the recyclers.

        1. DirkH

          Waiting for them or for the Henkel Anti Euro group to appear on the ballot. Both will have my vote in a heartbeat.

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