Germany’s Green Party Wants To Ban Car-Driving On Weekends, And Legalize Incest!

German daily Die Welt writes that one of the leaders of Germany’s influential Green Party is now calling for a ban of car driving in Germany on weekends.


Stuttgart mayor Fritz Kuhn, Green Party, wants to ban car driving on weekends. Photo credit:

Die Welt writes:

Green parliamentary group leader Fritz Kuhn wants cars of German drivers to be idle on weekends. […] With a driving ban a clear signal against climate change would be made. According to estimates by Kuhn, the citizens would quickly notice, “that you can also get along without cars”.

Fritz Kuhn, the mayor of Stuttgart, cites a ban used in Northern Italy in 150 cities last Sunday in order to fight air pollution. People can use their bicycles or go by foot.

By now readers may be thinking that the German Greens want to ban everything. Though it seems to be that way, this is not true.


Green Party politician Hans-Christian Ströbele wants to legalize incest. Photo credit: Sargoth, public domain.

There are some things they want to legalize: incest for example. According to FOCUS magazine here:

The incest ruling by the European Court of Justice for Human Rights (EGMR) against a 34-year old man from Leipzig has led to controversial reactions. Green Party politician Hans-Christian Ströbele reacted the most sharply. He wants to permit sex between siblings and other close relatives, and is requesting doing away with the incest laws. It is an isolated relic of another time when adultery was punishable, which we also have done away with,’ Ströbele told news network N24. Paragraph 173 no longer matches ‘in this time of enlightened opinion on marriage and family. It must be abolished’.”

Wonderful. Now Germans can stop driving on weekends, stay home and keep intimate company with family members. Now you know just how wacky German greens can be.

It should be noted that the early Green Party in Germany in the 1980s also supported advocates of pedophilia, this according to the leftist TAZ here, quoting Spiegel.

‘The pedophile past – In the 80s, the Green Party supposedly financially supported a working group that called for the legalization of sex with children. Cohn-Bendit: ‘That was mainstream’.'”

Amazingly, the Greens today are what often passes in the West as “progressive”.


23 responses to “Germany’s Green Party Wants To Ban Car-Driving On Weekends, And Legalize Incest!”

  1. mwhite

    “The majority of child victims are molested by a family member or someone known to the child.”

    Possibly just a cover for pedophilia??

    1. DirkH

      Pedophilia is a staple of the Left as well. A rather modern example;
      Havelock Ellis
      The guy who put the homosexuality and pedophily into Fabianism/Social Democracy.
      “Ellis wrote the first objective study of homosexuality, as he did not characterise it as a disease, immoral, or a crime. The work assumes that same-sex love transcended age taboos as well as gender taboos. Seven of his twenty-one case studies are of so-called “inter-generational relationships” which most people would agree today are child abuse, as research has proven and trauma counsellors will confirm that there is no such thing as consenting intergenerational sexual “relationships.”[“

  2. Ike

    thats absolutly rubbish. If these people will come back to power, I might take my wife and my daughter and leave Germany. Its getting sicker and sicker. I always elected CDU/CSU. But this year I am going for AfD.

    The Greens and their smallminded followers also came up with this idea:

    The article is well written (in German). Imagine something like this happening in UK, US, Israel or France. I would like to visit the headmaster of one of these schools and tell him how wrong he is.

    1. DirkH

      Ike; just a tip: When you start with “That’s rubbish”, it’s equivalent to the German “Unsinn!”, implying that you contradict the speaker before you. I get your meaning; you should better say “That’s horrible” or somesuch.

      As for the collapse of rational thinking amongst the Green Left; well, that just continues the tradition started by Voltaire. The Voltaire inspired “Le Terreur” during the French revolution should have cleared up for good where the Left stands with regards to sanity.
      (They even beheaded Lavoisier, the father of chemistry and discoverer of oxygen.)

  3. DirkH

    Oh and BTW. Isn’t it the Bible that forbids incest; while the Quran does allow marriage for instance between first cousins at least; and Atheism has no rules at all.

    Ströbele: “Paragraph 173 no longer matches ‘in this time of enlightened opinion on marriage and family. ”

    He’s exactly right; as enlightenment ((c) Voltaire) means atheism. To arrive at a full implementation of Voltaire’s vision he must therefore allow incest.

    It is ironic that the one religion fought the hardest by Dawkinianism; excuse me, Darwinism, is the one that knows the most about genetics.

    1. Bernd Felsche


      Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.

      1. DirkH

        Holds for his own ideas as well. He also said “A witty statement proves nothing” so he was smart enough to understand reflexion – or was that a warning?

  4. Mark

    Well, I for one would totally have sex with my sister if it were only legal. REALLY? Does there need to be a law for this anyway? I mean what person makes decisions about whether or not to engage in incest based on whether it’s legal or not anyway?

    1. DirkH

      ” Does there need to be a law for this anyway? ”

      In Turkey and other Muslim states it is still common to pick the spouse for your son or daughter, and they often pick cousins because that keeps the wealth within the family clan. The result is widespread incest with the consequence of genetic disease amplification, madness, child deaths.

      So I would answer your question with Yes, I have the evidence that it is so.

  5. How long can Germany bear the cost of their Greens? | The k2p blog

    […] NoTricksZone: […]

  6. Ulrich Elkmann

    It should come as no surprise that of all “politically active” parties, the Greens are the most blatantly ignorant in biological matters (that includes ecology, of course). It’s a prerequisite for “being green”.

    1. DirkH

      The Westermarck effect would make sense in an evolutional way, as it would improve gene mixing.

      Thanks, I didn’t know it by this name!

  7. reformed warmist of logan

    Very important facts for all intending (responsible) voters!!! …

    As many of us know, the Australian Greens campaign strategies since their absolute beginnings broadly covers these four main “pressure points”. These are …

    1. Caring for the country’s/planet’s flora and fauna;

    2. Ensuring the two major parties have an ‘un-biased’ aka. ‘honest’ broker in the Senate;

    3. Being a ‘warm and fuzzy’ alternative to the two major parties, eg. Boat People policy; &

    4. Caring for those less fortunate than us – esp. people in developing countries. There are many eg’s. of this, but the best ones are …
    •I. Immediately increasing our foreign aid budget to .7% of GDP. (approx. double current level);
    •II. Fully supporting the UN’s. $100 bil./yr. “Green Fund” for developing countries (starts in six years & next IPCC. meet in Poland/Nov.);
    •III. Immediately increasing Australia’s annual refugee intake from 23 000 to 30 000.

    On the surface, of course they are all ever-so-laudable sentiments!! … However !! …

    Clearly once you have a quick look at the below seven tenets of Greens behaviour in the last 12 months or so (in reverse-chronological order) … you may wish to seriously re-consider voting for the Greens ever again!!! …

    1. German Green politician, Hans-Christian Strobele, wants to legalize incest: “Sex between siblings and other close relatives” (and implies incest is no worse than adultery). By Pierre Gosselin,, 3/9/13;

    2. New Europol report detailing multi-billion links between mafia & EU’s. renewables industry. By Peter Glover,, 5/8/13;

    3. Indoctrination of teenagers at German Schools: All men are bad & “cause climate change”!! Ines Weller, a Bremen professor, claims “men produce more CO2 as they eat more meat, have bigger cars, and are less receptive to major life-style change in the interests of public good!” Claims backed up by physicist Gotelind Alber. (I am a Jew & think its safe to say that Joseph Goebbels would be very proud of his latest impersonaters.) By Pierre Gosselin,, 23/7/13;

    4. “Academic and journalistic research over the past five years shows the key role of Nazi figures in the (German Green’s) founding and development.” By Benjamin Weinthal, Jerusalem Post, 7/7/13;

    5. The World Bank decrees that no longer will it loan money to developing countries for coal power stations (exc. in “rare circumstances”). Some people less charitable than myself may refer to this as a ‘darned good impersonation of the often mis-quoted Marie Antoinette’! … (“Let them eat cake!”) By Valerie Volcovici,, 26/6/13;

    6. MARK THIS DAY IN YOUR DIARY !! … “THE DAY THE GREENS SAY THEY WANT ALL YOUR SUPER. !!”Prof. Hans Schelln-huber, Dir. of Potsdam Instit. for Climate Impact Research & Chair. of anti-democratic WBGU. (German Advisory Council on Global Change) says in report to Germany’s Environ. Minister, Peter Altmaier, “(Green) energy only becomes viable (& only over mid-term) if there’s a state-ordered mass-scale plunder of the world’s private retirement accounts.” By Pierre Gosselin,, 6/9/12; &

    7. Victorian (Royal Commission in 2009) & Canberra (McLeod Inquiry in 2003) bushfire inquiries clearly state “property and life losses would not have been so great if more emphasis had been given controlled burning as a fuel-reduction strategy”. This is of course totally contrary to Green’s long-stated views against these kinds of policies and practices.

    Now, more than anytime in a generation, is a time to … VOTE WITH THE HEAD (& NOT THE HEART)!!

    Please ensure when you cast your vote, that you ensure the ‘non-conservation’ of the Australian Greens!!

    It is extremely important that this “black-listing” of voting Greens inc. those that are going to preference Greens … i.e. esp. Labor, Palmer United and Julian Assange!!

    This will most likely be the most important thing you’ll do for the whole of 2013!!

    In the interests of your and my future, please pass this on to as many as possible (& asap.)

    Most sincerely yours,

    Lindsay Phillips

    (ex Wilderness Society member, fund-raiser & publicist – early 1990’s)

  8. Peter Hartmann

    Pierre, no idea if it is possible for you to sink any lower; not that I care. But could you please at least respect minimal rules regarding citing? The alleged taz quote does not appear in the linked article.

    Regarding the incest law: I thought of you as a hardcore libertarian; not so much after all obviously.



    1. DirkH

      Here you go Peter. More if needed, just ask.

      Why do you think that staying silent about the links between the Greens and incest, and the Greens and pedophilia, is a sign of honorable conduct? I always thought that lying (even if only by omission) is worse than telling the truth. You seem to have the opposite opinion.

  9. Gradivus

    Editor: Obvious type in my previous post: Of course I meant “the way to FIGHT the fascists” (not embrace them).

  10. Gradivus

    Ugh… “typo,” not “type.” Never post things before having your morning coffee.

  11. Gradivus

    And to top it off, the editor chose to censor my original post (by not posting it), but decided to publish my (now irrelevant) messages to him about errors in the original post (which is rather petty, if he did that on purpose).

    The essence of my original post was that the way to fight fascism is to embrace freedom: fight state bans on driving, but don’t try to save government regulation of sexual relations between consenting adults.

    1. DirkH

      Relax. Automatic spam keyword detection by wordpress makes some posts disappear until Pierre fishes them out of the bin. No intentional censorship.

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