Now Dead And Extinct…Climate Issue Not Even Mentioned Once In Germany’s Televised National Election Debate!

Man-made climate change has been dubbed by many politicians, scientists, and leading media outlets as “the greatest crisis civilization is facing.”


Chancellor Angela Merkel clashed vs. challenger Pier Steinbrück in yesterday’s only major televised campaign debate. Not once did the subject of climate change come up. Photo credits, Merkel: Alexander Kurz – CC-BY-SA-3.0 License; Steinbrück: SPD

But you would have never known it watching yesterday evening’s nationally televised campaign debate between incumbent Chancellor Angela Merkel and challenger Pier Steinbrück. The debate was shown live by four major German networks as German voters get set to elect a new government on September 22, or to keep the one they now have. It’s the only debate scheduled between Angela Merkel of the conservative CDU party and Pier Steinbrück of the SPD socialist party.

The 90-minute debate was moderated by 4 media and television personalities and covered a variety of issues. Candidates fielded questions on issues ranging over every thing from the economy, jobs, pensions, health care, the euro crisis, Syria, foreign policy, taxes, Greece bailout, to name a few. Yet, not once were the candidates asked about the “greatest crisis facing humanity” – climate. In fact the word climate was not even uttered once by anyone! To add insult to injury, even minor issues such as day-care for toddlers and a proposed national toll for Germany’s autobahns were discussed. Climate? Absolute zero!

Major setback for climate activists

This is a major setback for the global warming alarmists who want to make climate change the central issue of our time, such as Professors Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber and Ottmar Edenhofer of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. If that doesn’t tell them where they really stand on the list of Germany’s priorities and the things that are really important for Germans, then they are living in a fantasy world. At Twitter, a number of German greens and activists grumbled bitterly that climate change had been ignored in the debate.

Renewable energies “a disaster”

Also the problems with Germany’s Energiewende (transition to renewable energy) and the associated skyrocketing prices were discussed briefly. Candidate Steinbrück called the management of the Energiewende “a disaster“, and that the best anyone could hope for now is to slow down the price increase.

No support for a US-led attack on Syria.

Concerning support for a US led attack on Syria, both candidates said outright they would not support an attack without UN approval.


14 responses to “Now Dead And Extinct…Climate Issue Not Even Mentioned Once In Germany’s Televised National Election Debate!”

  1. Rudolf Kipp

    What is even more interesting than the non mentioning of the “Klimawandel” in yesterdays debate is the absence of the word in the election campaign of the Green Party. I have not seen a single election poster of them with the word “climate” on it. And even worse, “Das Klima” is not even amongst the 9 reasons to vote the Greens. Climate Change in Germany seems having gone really extinct. As dead as a Dodo.

  2. Casper

    “Climate? Absolute zero!”

    It doesn’t matter who you’re voting for, and a socialist will always win. Because both sides in the discussion are drawing their profit at cost of voters!

  3. Ed Caryl

    Don’t close the blog, Pierre. The mole is bound to stick his head up somewhere else.

  4. DirkH

    One moment. All the Bloc parties – CDU, SPD, FDP, Greens, Die Linke, – and one fringe party – Piraten – have the exact same energy policy; and are all warmist; and all German media are warmist. Why would one debate the atheist equivalence of the Christian belief in God?

    Every group that does not believe in warmism is not even invited into the Bloc media; but immediately smeared as “right wing extremists” (which is the EU way of saying “dissident”).

    The absence of warmism in the campaigns is not a sign of sanity; but a sign of a complete collapse of rational thought and mindless lockstep and a complete suppression of deviating opinions (into the abbyss; which we should know well from the first half of the 20th century. See the indoctrination in public schools. Homeschooling parents get their kids kidnapped by the state and moved to an unknown location – resisting the conditioning is a greater crime than committing 20 criminal offenses a year – no teenage “Intensivstraftaeter” (serial perpetrator) gets kidnapped by the state like that; no; they are coddled.)

    I see a very deep darkness; and no sign of hope. Warmism is but one symptom.

    1. DirkH

      …and GLOBE international, with their subsidiary GLOBE Germany, led by an FDP politician and member of the Bundestag, still has their HQ in the exact same building as the Fabian Society… and the Green NGO’s which are invited as “experts” to EVERY talkshow in Germany and EVERY discussion round on radio are still paid by the EU commission.

      The stranglehold is complete; basically they don’t even need climate scientists; they’re just decoration.

  5. DirkH

    Some interesting insights into the factions within Der Spiegel.
    Circulation drops; old Spiegel writers are owners of a 50.5% share in the company and earn big money; online editors are not, which is a source of internal strife. As the old collective owns a majority they can fire any boss they don’t like; which they often do. They also don’t like to invest into their company. New projects have flopped, e.g. a German edition of New Scientist (Hah! Didn’t even notice it existed for half a year!)

  6. Manfred

    I agree with DirkH,

    not mentioning is not progress.

    They still do, just don’t discuss it publicly any more. plus they even throw more money and resources away every year.

    Overall, this is more a symptom of disappearing democratic views and leaders in this country than anything else.

  7. Stephen Richards

    This is what Obama did during his campaign. He knew it was unpopular and might destroy his chance of reelection. The moment he reentered the white house he started the process again and even more forcefully.

  8. Jack Savage

    I am inclined to agree with DirkH here.

    The politicians may have decided there are no votes to be had agressively promoting the CO2 boondoggle…but that does not mean it is going away any time soon.

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  10. DirkH

    AfD are, for now, unaffected by the GLOBE tentacles – AFAIK.

  11. Bernd Felsche

    Climate change is still one of the main things mentioned in our election campaigns in Australia. The reason behind its prominence is the carbon tax/carbon/price that was introduced by the government despite explicitly promising “there will be no carbon tax” in the previous election campaign. The highest such tax in the world.

    Hopefully, enough Australians will get to see the 50 to 1 video before the election this Saturday to dislodge the delusional ALP and Greens from both houses to allow the incoming government to sweep away the nonsense.

    I personally have reservations about the Liberal/National coalition having the testicular resource to explain to the public how they’ve been hoodwinked for well over a decade and to rapidly unroll the scam. A large proportion of the public sector in federal, state and local governments are parasitically feeding off the public purse in the pointless pursuit of “carbon reductions”.

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  13. Brian H

    Well, the Australians, offered a choice, deep-sixed the Greens and Warmists. Germans will therefore not be offered the choice.

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