German Professor Fritz Vahrenholt: “Alarmism Being Put In Its Place…Doubt Getting Broader, More Public”!

I sent an e-mail to Fritz Vahrenholt to ask his opinion on the Lennart Bengtsson mobbing scandal. Professor Vahrenholt is one of the fathers of the German environmental movement and co-author of the best-selling skeptic climate science book “Die kalte Sonne“.

Climate science critic Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt says doubt on climate science is gaining. Photo credit: Die kalte Sonne.

My questions to Professor Vahrenholt:

Also having expressed skepticism on climate science and having come under fire for doing so, do you think there is an atmosphere of intimidation that acts to keep people from expressing their doubts on climate science? Do you feel this is also the case in Germany? Do you think the strategy of marginalizing and silencing critics has been a successful one for the warmist side? Or do you think it is failing and is only hurting them?

Professor Vahrenholt’s responded:

It would be a wonder in a country where climate alarmism sets the tone of the energy-political debate like in no other country things would be otherwise.

I still can remember very well when the Academy of Technical Sciences prepared a report on the possibilities to adapt to climate change three years ago. At the time I was one of the three directors of the Working Group. I attempted to add to the report the uncertainties of the climate models, the natural influences on climate development, the decoupling between CO2 rise and temperature development over the last 15 years.

Three scientists threatened to quit unless I ceded the leadership of the WG. But I resisted the pressure to do so. The three scientists (which included the vice president of the German Weather Service) resigned.

Or just think back to the unspeakable report by the Federal Environment Minister in which scientists and journalists who held skeptical views were branded.

My impression, however, is that the marginalization of mainstream alternative positions is no longer succeeding so easily.

The real development is putting the apologists of climate alarmism in their place. And the off-the-rails energy policy, which believes will have an impact on the global climate, is doing the rest.

Doubt over the dogmatic position of the CO2-alone is causing climate change is increasingly getting broader and more public.”

Fritz Vahrenholt, is a professor of Chemistry at the University of Hamburg. He was also the former Environment Senator of Hamburg, and a member of the advisory board on sustainable development for both Chancellors Gerhard Schröder and Angela Merkel.


7 responses to “German Professor Fritz Vahrenholt: “Alarmism Being Put In Its Place…Doubt Getting Broader, More Public”!”

  1. DirkH

    “My impression, however, is that the marginalization of mainstream alternative positions is no longer succeeding so easily.”

    Credibility of mainstream media has crashed to zero. Not only due to warmism but also due to EU and NATO propaganda. They have overstretched the suspension of disbelief.

    So the warmist scientists have lost their defense line. The journalists are still obediently peddling the system’s lies but we only use it to know what’s not the truth.

    Even the Germans who are as usually way behind the curve. Even Der Spiegel readers.

    Sigmar Gabriel now demands Google be destroyed and replaced by an EU/SPD search engine (built by the brilliant minds of obedient EU researchers). Signs of desperation.

  2. Ullie

    It is a shame that the Global Warming bullies silence all critics, and that kinda censorship in a “democracy”??? I have yet to see that one mayor talk show on the German msm invites Mr. Vahrenholt for discussing his book: Die Kalte Sonne. And is there one party who is at least listening to the skeptics? I dont see one. Scary!

    1. DirkH

      Try AfD.
      Prantl-Pravda outraged that they let climate skeptics speak: JUL 2013

  3. Fritz Vahrenholt: German Scientists Tried To Expurgate Me | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)

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  4. Ingemar Nordin

    O you lucky guys! At least you have some media, and some climate spokesmen, and perhaps even a politician (?) who dare to mention Lennart Bengtsson and the scandal that he has been subjected to.

    In Sweden? Nothing. Nothing at all. He is never mentioned in the news, he is never called for to comment in TV or Radio. No inteviews i the big media. Nada.

    What is his unforgivable crime? He believes in Global Warming, and has argued for years about that. He dislikes when people claims that CO2 has no effect whatsoever, and has argued about that for years.

    No, his unforgivable crime is that he is not an ALARMIST, and dares to be sceptical of all the climate fanatics that dominate MSM (Rockström, Wijkman etc) and all the eight parties in the parlament. Lennart is a member of KVA (Kungliga Vetenskaps Akademien) and has, together with other members of KVA made a very critical report about the Swedish energy policy (our energy production is based to 98% on water and nuclear and there is no need to export artificially taxsubsidised electric power to Denmark and Germany). Making this expert report, and being critical of the most excessive alarmism, is sufficient to condemn him to a total silence.

    1. DirkH

      I think German media has currently given up on completely stonewalling climate skeptics; probably because they are too busy pushing anti Russian propaganda by NATO; and pro EU and pro Euro propaganda – and of course pro homosexuality and pro mass immigration.

      The system has too many open flanks; the dyke has more holes than the Dutch boy has fingers.

  5. Frederick Colbourne

    You want news?

    Get a newsreader and subscribe to RSS feeds, lots of them.

    I use an old standalone program called Sharpreader.

    So everyday I get updates from all the blogs like Notrickszone. No emailed newsletters or reminders to clutter up my email box.

    Just one-line headers listed on the screen, dozens of them that I can read or erase or lock and come back to tomorrow or next week.

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